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The Ocean Heals

When I first became aware of the energetic layers in the ground I was first appalled and overwhelmed. Certain places were so blocked with emotional residues of trauma and pain from past events there that it had literally become so blocked that it was difficult to go beyond them into the core of the earth which radiates the most beautiful pure energy of Love from Mama Gaia 💕🌍💕 but then I started to find areas that were "clean" that didn't contain residues, I also learned how to clear the earth layers so that the divine earthly energy could rise and so that we earthlings could freely receive it without it first being filtered through some old past event that would have taken place at that certain spot.

So what I'm talking about is for example if someone is having a heated argument or very strong negative feelings such as hatred and they pour them out at certain places that energy can stick there. Or if there has been massacres or extreme traumatic events have taken place those areas become contaminated you may say with the remnants of these negative energies. Or places with "ghost" energies, places where certain negative spirits like to hang out.. Love always clear away all negative energy like the sun dries up the rain after a storm. So often when I travel I find my self clearing up old trauma stuck into the energetic earth layers of certain places.

The cleanest energy that you can find is in old growth forest or around running water such as creeks or rivers but also in the woods you can sometime find very heavy dark energy. But the same rule applies there as well, love is always the most powerful energy.

In the city where the ground is covered with concrete the life force energy that radiates naturally from the earth is somewhat blocked and we don't receive it as freely through our feet as we do walking on the beach or on dirt paths. One of the cleanest grounds to walk upon when we want to ground ourselves is on the beach just where the waves come washing in. It's one of the absolute cleanest energetic spots on this planet. The ocean is so healing it just washes away everything that is of a lower frequency. #natureiswideawake

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