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The Mind & The Evolution Of Consciousness

The idea and concept of getting rid of the mind or/and the ego is fascinating to me. In my opinion it's not possible to live without a mind, it's a divine construct that we are meant to use as a tool, a beautiful divine tool to experience this reality with.

What we want to learn is to be able to observe our mind, as if we are standing on the bay of a river watching it flow by. We can observe and stay present with our mind, we can see where the mind gets stuck in loops, where it twirls around its own idea of self. We can get unconscious in these loops and lose our presence and lose our divine connection because we basically fall into the river and we forget that we were just one moment ago separate from the mind.

But here's a thing that I learned along my path is that the mind changes and transforms into something different when we heal. Our mind is really a part of our physical body, we associate the mind with the head. But think about it, when you experience some really upsetting news you will most likely be able to feel those reactions in your body. You may feel shortness of breath, that your heart or belly hurts. That its hard to speak because your throat feels closed up. Or the depth of sadness that we can feel in our chest.

These are really often thoughts that we have stored in our energy field. Ideas and belief forms that have created fields of lower frequency that may block the higher vibrational frequencies to come through. We may feel that we are always going to be abandoned and no one will ever love us. If we have such a belief structure in our being, everytime anyone does anything that triggers that belief in you, these feelings of abandonment will come up as well as the thoughts that go with that trauma memory. The feelings and the thoughts go hand in hand and as you release the energy from your being, the ideas, the words and the memories of the hurt will go as well.

Through presence within we can dissolve these energetic blockages and as you dissolve these blockages your mind will also transform. The energy that supports these blockages also supports thoughts that are interrelated with these energies of lower frequency.

Basically as you clear and clean your energy field, your mind also shifts. It becomes more still, more observant and it starts to hold different higher frequencies as well, which means it will also have higher frequency thoughts. ❤️

The focus of not thinking any thoughts or that the mind is bad and that we need to get rid of it is an illusion. I believe it's based on the idea that we as humans are intrinsically bad, a belief I know is deeply ingrained within the human collective consciousness from various religions. Yet the mind is simple and extraordinary all at the same time. Through the mind and through our direct presence we can direct the mind towards what we want to create or what we want to experience. Through the mind we can create perspectives that lift us higher, and through our perspective we can create a positive reality. Through the mind we can create inner realities that support our happiness.

Think about it, when you feel bad about something, what started the bad feeling? A thought I'm sure. You started thinking about something that made you mad, or something happened that created a negative perspective in your mind.. your mind is the key to feeling better. But it's not by getting rid of it or your ego. It's about transforming your overall energy so that the mind comes out in a purer light. It's about cleaning up the old pieces of remembrance in your field, the imprints of karma, which literally means that we have lessons to learn. As we transform the energy of these lessons, the lesson are integrated and absorbed into your field. Imagine spreading flower seeds around and then watering and seeing all these flowers bloom... that can be your mind. ✨

Throughout the awakening process you will go through stages of "losing your mind", you might find it hard to think or to remember things or to formulate things. The mind might go blank at the oddest of times and it can be quite unsettling but what it's doing is that it's reforming itself. It's going through a transformation of itself.

The mind is just a memory of everything that we have experienced in this world so as we let go of memories of trauma from the energetic field, the mind will let go of the idea of trauma as well, it's a beautiful process. It's all very very interconnected and it's all ENERGY.

Much Much Love, Kristina

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