The Mind & The Evolution Of Consciousness

The idea and concept of getting rid of the mind or/and the ego is fascinating to me. In my opinion it's not possible to live without a mind, it's a divine construct that we are meant to use as a tool, a beautiful divine tool to experience this reality with.

What we want to learn is to be able to observe our mind, as if we are standing on the bay of a river watching it flow by. We can observe and stay present with our mind, we can see where the mind gets stuck in loops, where it twirls around its own idea of self. We can get unconscious in these loops and lose our presence and lose our divine connection because we basically fall into the river and we forget that we were just one moment ago separate from the mind.

But here's a thing that I learned along my path is that the mind changes and transforms into something different when we heal. Our mind is really a part of our physical body, we associate the mind with the head. But think about it, when you experience some really upsetting news you will most likely be able to feel those reactions in your body. You may feel shortness of breath, that your heart or belly hurts. That its hard to speak because your throat feels closed up. Or the depth of sadness that we can feel in our chest.