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The Heart Has A Song Of Its Own, Are You Listening?

"A friend of mine has spoken VERY highly of you. He said that your 12 week Light Body Activation Course, changed his life."

Not sure who the friend is but to receive words like these from a "stranger" makes my heart sing more than words can say. So grateful.

Been so confused in the last year or so. I think many feel the same, its been a transformational year behind us and as we now embarked on a new astrological year yesterday stepping into Aries energy and passing through the spring equinox I feel that the constant feeling of dying of 2016 may finally be over and it may be time to start growing into something new. 

Last year when I finally completed the Light Body Activation Course I felt empty. I thought that I would feel fulfilled once I would be done but there was just an emptiness as if everything had been poured into it and there was nothing left. 

What was I now supposed to 'do'? I felt that I didn't even know who 'I' was anymore either. Surrendering to that feeling and letting it be. Just sitting with it. Then sitting with this feeling of the old, wanting to peel of layers of layers not knowing if the layers would ever end? Trying to figure out what this was all about? When would I know? How would I know? Never-ending confusion, feeling like there was nothing left to 'hold' onto. The void beckoning through everything around me as within as without.

Part of me is still there. Not knowing where or what, and I realize its a big part of becoming as a being. Not knowing we become more present in this moment and the next and the next. Believing that we "know" we rely on our mind to have it all figured out..so by not knowing all parts of me is also starting to trust my own dreams, my own yearnings and desires. As a my own innate creator. That my heart is singing a song that wants to come through. A song that has nothing to do with healing as such, but of creation itself. Of expression. Just for expressions sake. An expression of becoming anew moment after moment. Not ever being written in stone.

What may become I'm not sure of but most of my old life and many aspects of an old me is gone. I'm excited to recreate myself once again. Becoming more me and excited to see my friends become more of them. Witnessing the Divine in all of its expressions.

So grateful to share this journey through this thing called Love with you. 

So Much Love!


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