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The Greatness Of A Nation

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi

I guess environmentalism and vegetarianism can be controversial never had such a big drop in followers :) but I'm glad, because I hope those of you that read my previous posts felt something and maybe maybe decided to make different choices in the grocery store and in life.

We are in this together and I may be provocative to some and be called judgemental. But if its a bigger "sin" to be judgemental to those that treat those that are smaller and more defenceless as a commodity then Yes I'm going to be very judgemental and yes I will be very loud. If you cannot see what happens in the slaughter houses, if you cannot kill an animal yourself then how can you ever justify eating meat? Honestly?

Do you know for example that a pig has the intelligence of a three year old human child? How's your bacon tasting now? 

This is real, just as real as the issues with our environment and yes we can keep ignoring it and keep giving our prayers, go to church say our positive affirmations and sending positive vibes and love to the world but if there's no action behind our intention and word? Then what?

This world is created by Us. Right now, right this minute. By every little choice every human being alive today, from our smallest thoughts to our biggest purchases and actions. Every thing we see around us is a creation by ours truly, yes You included. So we can keep posting positive slogans and posters all over Facebook but unless when you turn off the computer and go outside with your eyes open and realize yes every thing that you do matter, everything that you do is affecting this world in some way.. and if you don't.. Then what's the point? Really?

Photo by Gregory Colbert

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