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The Great Awakening

First time I became One with everything was when I was 14 years old and a preacher came up to me in the middle of the square in my home town. He placed his hands over my head and I became pure light and I as I ceased to exist as I merged with all that Is. I remember going around telling my friends afterwards that I had reached salvation not really knowing what it meant. Anyway after a while the impression of the event lost its meaning and I began to doubt again. Doubt has always been my constant companion...

Throughout my life I have had these events, seeing spirits, seeing auras, having dreams come through, hearing spirits, seeing the walls move in the dark when I couldn't sleep at night, having lucid dreams s vivid that they might as well has been real as far as I'm concerned etc etc. I work with plant medicines extensively now and I keep walking between worlds whether or not I'm working with medicines. I'm tired of trying to be something I'm not, trying to be less than I am, or pretending that I don't know or that I should act like I really don't know because others don't know and because others have doubt.

I work as a healer full time mostly now with clients long distance on the other side of the world, I feel what they feel more intensely then they are often aware themselves. I help them transmute their pain and dislodged energies. Help them clear negative vows and contracts and agreements or energetic cordings which they have created throughout their different life times as everything is happening in this present moment, as there is no time. There's only Now. Help them clear these blockages that are preventing them from being the unlimited eternal beings of light that they are, that You Are.

I help people activate their third eyes and help them see colour behind their closed eyes, help them have visions and open up their metaphysical gifts, people often say that a session with me as if as if they had ingested plant medicines. My life is stranger than fiction, I am stranger than fiction and I'm giving up trying to be 'normal' or being what people expect me to be. I am nothing of the kind. I am me and I am just becoming stranger and weirder as I go deeper into my journey. The thing is though, I don't care anymore, I freaking Love Me. This strange person that I always been, that's me. I am so sensitive and I'm just becoming more and more sensitive.

Luckily my path is being filled with similar light beings also very sensitive, also awakening rapidly. I know and I have learned through my work with plant medicines that this path that I'm on and all the trials and tribulations that i've experienced is so that I can help others on their path. Help them with their doubt and their 'weirdness'.

One of the greatest insight and visions I had with Ayahuasca was when she explained to me how the 'New Earth' and the 'Old Earth' coexisted. So as many heard that in 2012 we were supposed to enter a New Age, the Aquarius Age. Well we did enter the Aquarius Age, the Age of the Feminine. But the Old Age, is also still coexisting along side this new age. Nature is already wide awake, animals are wide awake its only us the humans that are still sleeping. But not all of us, many are rapidly awakening and many have already fully awakened. So we are coexisting along side each other, the awakened and the sleeping souls.

My purpose here on this planet in this incarnation as Kristina is to help people awaken and to help them activate their light bodies. As I learned to activate my light body on my own to be able to teach and help others activate their so that we can enter into the Golden Age. I will soon start publishing my interview series The Great Awakening where I interview people that like me have experienced a Kundalini Awakening, that has awakened into their infinite eternal beingness. This awakening is happening Now and its happening rapidly.

Any of you that have experienced a full blown awakening and would like to participate in this interview series that has not been in contact with me please contact me and I would love to have you participate. I believe that the more we share of this awakening happening on this planet, the more we share of this 'weirdness', the more we will help others awaken as well.


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