The Evolution Of My Healing Work

As some of you may know, I started working as a healer without any formal training after having a profound awakening during meditation back in 2011. I started because spirit told me it was time. When I started, I started on a donation basis, I didn't really know what I was supposed to do but my faith in my inner guidance allowed me to show up where I needed to. My first clients were very gracious, well most of them.. and some of them remain close friends to me to this day.

The course that I created the Light Body Activation course was created from what I learned in my first years working as a healer. If you were one of my early clients then you probably came to my studio in Kitsilano and I was probably talking a lot during the session. Asking different things to heal.

I believe that the healing work came out as such in the beginning for me to learn *intellectually* what I was doing.

Those of you that have had sessions with me recently know that my work has become completely silent. I talk to you before the session as what you want to work on and where you're at but I don't talk at all during the session, and often after been given permission to do m