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The Evolution Of My Healing Work

As some of you may know, I started working as a healer without any formal training after having a profound awakening during meditation back in 2011. I started because spirit told me it was time. When I started, I started on a donation basis, I didn't really know what I was supposed to do but my faith in my inner guidance allowed me to show up where I needed to. My first clients were very gracious, well most of them.. and some of them remain close friends to me to this day.

The course that I created the Light Body Activation course was created from what I learned in my first years working as a healer. If you were one of my early clients then you probably came to my studio in Kitsilano and I was probably talking a lot during the session. Asking different things to heal.

I believe that the healing work came out as such in the beginning for me to learn *intellectually* what I was doing.

Those of you that have had sessions with me recently know that my work has become completely silent. I talk to you before the session as what you want to work on and where you're at but I don't talk at all during the session, and often after been given permission to do my work from my client I will hang up and won't speak to them in person, but instead will send them a message with a summary of the session and any specific guidance that came through. But also that is often very limited. I feel less and less to share through words (touché as I'm writing right now) but I think it's more and more about the person connecting with themselves, their higher selves through my work or through me opening them from within, so that they can find clarity within again.

I found in the past that people would get stuck on words and on things that I said and it wasn't healing. People got stuck in loops on what was wrong or broken with them, they got stuck on different old stories. Whereas healing really need to be about letting go and allowing space. That can only happen without words and through concentration on what Is.

I do enjoy my work much more as well because I feel that I don't have the same pressure on myself to "perform". I've never been better at what I do and yet my efforts have decreased and instead I allow more. If that makes sense? My faith in God as the ultimate healer and that can only come through if the person that I'm working on is ready for that healing. It requires responsibility. For me to show up for my client but also for me to let go and allow the person to face themselves. Because that is the ultimate requirement for healing and ascension. Presence and responsibility.

My work has gone from doing the work to mostly sitting there and concentrating and praying. My faith in my work is steadily increasing and that also gives my work a whole lot more oumph. I trust what comes up in a session is what needs to come up for that person at the time whereas before I think I often would overdo it because I didn't think we had covered enough ground, which are thoughts that of course came from my ego.

The light does the work on its own if we let it. As I continue to heal myself and to grow and ascend my frequency is constantly shifting and that allows me to go deeper. I've also learned that once I cleared something once then every time after that the clearing will become much easier because I already have the memory in my light body of how to heal that.

I was recently invited to clear an ancestral trauma of the holocaust in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Invited I say because I wasn't forced to do it, but she said here Kristina, you can help this person with this and well even though I was tired and would have been happy to called it a night and gone to bed, I accepted and worked through that energy. It was some of the heaviest energies that I've faced and it was a lot of it. As I returned to my casita I felt broken and the grief and the sadness of having felt that energy was overwhelming. I felt almost punished by Ayahuasca for having to deal with it but Ayahuasca told me that I need to know this energy and that I need to learn how to clear it because it's deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness and that everytime it will get easier and easier until I know it's just energy and I will be able to transform it immediately to light and love again without the trauma of having to feel the profundity of the darkness.

I don't know why I shared that in this text but maybe it's a reminder for all of our own journeys that it gets easier. We pick up tools a long the way and most importantly as we walk this path our faith becomes stronger and as our faith becomes stronger our belief system changes and as our belief system changes our reality shifts as well.

Faith is everything in this. If you don't have it then it's hard, it's very hard and sometimes it takes a lot of praying to find the faith as well. But that's where my work has landed, deeply in faith with God and the plants. I believe and that's everything. :)

I love you.




Kristina Olsson
Kristina Olsson
Feb 19, 2020

Thank you Sonya! Much Love to You!


Sonya Solomonovich
Sonya Solomonovich
Feb 08, 2020

It's always great to hear from you, Kristina. You are definitely on a whole other level as a healer, and it says a lot about you that you evolve and stay curious instead of resting on your laurels. Thank you for all the healing work that you do! :)

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