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Take Your Time

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

The Light Body Activation Course is not meant to be rushed through. Its not a course in words. Its a course in frequencies. Your intellectual mind may not understand what this means yet but understand that its created to be taken during a prolonged period of time for a reason.

Listen to each class many times during a week rather than rushing through listening to the whole thing in one go and yes that includes the introductory classes.

You will start to shift whether you're aware of it or not by just listening to the classes. Even if you fall asleep while listening to the course you will receive energetic downloads and activations.

That also means that you will start to purge patterns that doesn't serve you. So you may not always feel so good afterwards. That's meant to take place. Practice presence and mindfulness inwards. Be vigilant and observant to whats happening within you without attaching to any stories. Don't be afraid of discomfort. You are the light.

That's the core teaching. Where you place your attention is where you shine your light. Let's say that again so you really understand it. 

Where you place your attention is where you shine your light (Love). That means that you will dissolve everything that is not of Love (Light) through your awareness. This is the core of all healing modalities. 

This course is very powerful. Treat it as such. Let your mind go, it doesn't know.. Much Love!


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