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Surrender To Your Higher Self

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We always want to surrender to our Higher Self and this may feel frightening for some. To give away our control and our will to something else than the being that you have perceived to be in “control”. But your Higher Self is much more capable to give you good advice than the infant mind that you normally let dictate and decide what you should and shouldn’t do. Your mind is extremely limiting and only knows what it has already experienced. Beyond that it doesn’t know. Your Higher Self, your Higher Mind is infinite, it has infinite creativity and infinite ability to create and to see beyond the limitations of the mind. It’s also important to know that your Higher Self would never ever do anything to hurt you or to put you in harms way. But your Higher Self may put you in situations that may be very challenging so that you have the possibility to GROW as a soul. So that you may transcend challenges or karmic imprints that have kept you in a limited state of being. Your Higher Self can see beyond where you are now to a state of being that is beyond what you know yourself to be. Beyond what you knew yourself capable of being, of becoming. This isn’t always comfortable to go through. But the growth that you may experience if you surrender to this process will lead you to higher states of consciousness. It will lead you closer to your true state of being as a being of true love, bliss and joy. ❣️


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