Start Your Own Plant Dieta

Start Your Own Plant Dieta

At the centre where I live we make a lot of different kinds of medicine and I want to share their products with you because maybe you would be interested in going on your own dieta with Bobinsana or with pure Caapi Vine.

Bobinsana I've talked of before in this blog post. It's an immensely healing and transforming plant that helps you to ground into earth with your light, to become very strong and flexible with a heart wide open.

Pure Caapi vine is the Ayahuasca vine without the Chakruna. Ayahuasca is traditionally brewed with two plants, the Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine and a DMT-carrying plant – usually the leaves of either Psychotria viridis (chacruna) or Diplopterys cabrerana (chagropanga or chaliponga).

It's the Chakruna that contains the DMT and Ayahuasca is the MAO inhibitor that allows the DMT to pass through your stomach without being broken down before it reaches your brain. So without the Chakruna leaves, the Caapi vine is in most countries completely legal because its lack of DMT.

But the power of the Ayahuasca plant is still present in just the vine, people are saying how they feel happier and more content and that it provides deep healing on many different levels. Ayahuasca the vine is considered the most sacred and powerful plant teachers of the jungle.

So I'm happy to share that you can now start your own plant dieta with medicine made with pure love at Los Cielos (the healing centre where I live) through the Mystic Planet Shop.

Here's an excerpt from the Medicine Hunter's visit to Los Cielos:

"Ayahuasca is prepared every two to three months at Los Cielos in an elaborate and lengthy process that takes 11-12 days from start to finish. The center employs strict standards of cleaning, washing, straining, and preparation, making theirs the most elaborate ayahuasca preparation I have witnessed. The resulting brew made from this prepared vine is clean, thick, dark, and sweet, with a tolerable flavor that is uncommon to ayahuasca."

Much Love,


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