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Spiritual Ascension & Food

After my kundalini awakening having activated my light body, I became extremely sensitive to food. There were just certain things that my body wouldn't have anymore. Anything processed or sprayed with pesticides was absolutely impossible to ingest. I became obsessed with learning about food and nutrition. Now looking back it was to be able to educate others but also to understand how my body truly functions and how it heals. As you activate your light body you awaken its infinite wisdom and it just won't allow you to treat it like a trash can anymore.

Eating meat that is not organic or even just eating meat was impossible, I have to bite my tongue when I see people who claim to have opened their third eye and at the same time they consume food that has been sprayed with pesticides or food that's GMO. The thing is if your third eye was open you would not eat poison. Your higher self wouldn't allow you to. Simply because your higher self loves you and don't want you to be poisoned and hurt.

There are many ways to ascend to higher states of consciousness, one way is to change your diet. Eating foods with more life force will elevate your consciousness and bring more light into your body. If you feel ungrounded you may crave meat or protein rich food but I would suggest that eating root vegetables and legumes or algae's such as spirulina (which is a complete protein) are much wiser choices and will ground you in much healthier ways. 

As you consume meat you also ingest the hormones that the animal released at the time of death which is still present in the meat and your body doesn't distinguish between your own 'human' hormones and the cow/pig/chickens hormones, so if you just ate a terrified chicken that has been mistreated his/her whole life (not even to mention the GMO concoction that their DNA may behold). 

Your body will absorb those hormones as your own. Hormones are your body's messengers so guess what, the likelihood that you're going to suffer from anxiety, depression and just feeling like a low life, just increased about a hundred times greater! 

If you want to be happy, eat happy food and happy food doesn't come from dead animals. It just doesn't. 


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