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Self Realisation

All experiences in life are there for us to realize ourselves. What does it mean to realize yourself? For me it is the journey towards love. Sounds cheesy maybe but its very true, in the end all is Love, so the journey towards enlightenment is to see all as love, to become love. All experiences where I have struggled are experiences where I have held onto, where I have tried to control, where I have tried to 'fix'.

As soon as I have surrendered, as soon as I have let go, the struggling have ceased and instead I have been filled with love and peace. But often we feel that we failed ourselves when we are not feeling good, we want to escape the feeling of discomfort, we want to feel everything but the negativity that's boiling inside so we turn to stimulants like alcohol, drugs, sex, TV, or creating drama & conflicts by blaming the other.. Anything that can make us feel better so that we don't have to feel that 'thing' scratching' us on the inside.

That thing, that annoying scratching feeling inside of you is the gateway for you to feel good, its the gateway towards healing and inner change. So instead of running away from the discomfort and the challenging experience, you want to merge with this discomfort, you want to communicate with this discomfort. You want to accept and allow it to be. As you do so, you allow it to be transformed, to be transmuted into light again. By simply surrendering to the sensations of it.

Sounds almost too simply doesn't it? As you sit down alt. lie down and go within, be very aware of any need to start doing your chores, clean the dishes, make that phone call… The ego can be very powerful in trying to steer us away from healing any issue that may mean the disillusion of the ego. So if you get restless, dive even deeper into yourself and your discomfort, dive as deep as you can go. Feel as much discomfort as you can. Simply feeling, observing how it feels. Just as if you would be exploring a exotic stone, turning it into the light. Feeling its shape, the rough edges and the smooth surfaces. Explore your pain and your discomfort, dive deep inside of it and eventually you will watch it fade away being replaced by love & peace… 

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