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Return To The Love That You Are

Feeling alone or a lack of love is an illusion that we create in our mind because we are never ever alone or without love. Each one of us are surrounded by our spiritual guides and the light beings that are there to help us through this 3 dimensional reality and the illusions and difficulties that we may encounter in this "dual" dense world. 

We can always call upon them and they love us more than you can ever imagine. We are also constantly and always surrounded by a force field of pure love and when we at times feel that we are not loved or that nobody loves us, we are creating that illusion for ourselves and we can just as quickly snap out of it by simply changing our intention and our mindset. As we come from love and we will return to love, we are the only one that can block ourselves from this constant stream of pure unconditional universal forcefield of love.

By setting the intention of wanting to experience this love and asking ourselves to let go of everything and anything that's blocking ourselves from being in this constant flow, we will do just that. Its just about allowance, about allowing this love in. Recognising any limiting belief of unworthiness that we hold within, or such silly beliefs such as being unlovable. Believe me I have experienced them all myself and they are a epidemic condition upon this planet. We are all so very very loved and that love is always available for us, so please just open up and allow it to flow through you. Allow the love to show you who you truly are. A infinite eternal being of pure love and light. 

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