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Remembering To Ask

One of the greatest lessons that I have ever learned is to remember to ask spirit, God, your higher self for help. To ask for guidance, for insights, for understanding and we can also ask to have our negative thoughts and feelings removed… It sounds so simple, almost to simple right!? 

But its really that simple, often it may not come about the way we expect and we have to allow it to come in whatever form it may come. I especially like to ask for help when my monkey mind (my ego) has gotten stuck in a loop. When its obsessing about how things should be or how they ought to be.. when I cannot get rid of a negative thought pattern and this negative thought pattern is bringing me down into a negative state of mind, a lower vibration. 

I simply ask, please help me clear these negative thought patterns, please help me get out of this loop! Then I simple thank in advance and by some miraculous way I normally forget about the whole thing until I realize that I'm not thinking about that negative loop that I was in anymore. Somehow I just stopped and my mind wandered off somewhere more pleasant again. So easy! Please  give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Much Love! Kristina

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