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Purification Exercise with Guru Rimpoche

I found this beautiful meditation/ purification exercise in Ram Dass book Be Here Now and I wanted to share. Please let me know how you experience this meditation? I was filled with light and energy and I still feel the effects of the meditation a day later. ✨❤️✨

Consider a being of pure light and love (whom you can name Padamasambhava), the lotus-evolved One, if you would like), who is sitting in the midst of a lake on a lotus flower in front of you. He is seen as being in front of you and slightly above you… so that you look up to him at about a thirty degree angle. He will come into your heart when you have sufficiently purified yourself.

1. Closing the left nostril, breathe three deep breaths out of your right nostril. Visualise the air being ejected as dark red and considered it to be all of your bodily diseases and attachments.

2. Close your right nostril. Now breathe out three deep breaths through your left nostril. Visualise the air being ejected as blue-grey and consider it to be all your mental obstacles and anger.

3. Now breathe three deep breaths through your mouth. Visualise this as purple and consider it as the sloth that impedes your progress… the inertia… breathe it out.

4. Now visualise that from the ajna (the point between the eyebrows) of Padmasambhava directly to your ajna there is a piercing beam of white light which, as it burns into you, rids you of bodily sins and wrongs (the sound connected with this is OM.

5. Now visualise a red beam from the throat chakra (point of energy) of Padmasambhava directly to your throat centre. This beam rids you of lapses of speech, of untruths (the sound connect with this is AH.

6. Now visualise a blue beam of light coming from the heart of Padmasambhava to your heart. This beam purifies you of wrong done in ignorance, wrong thoughts (i.e. thoughts that maintain the illusion). (The sound associated with this is HUM.

7. Now allow that blue beam to become a broad blue avenue of light. Then you will see Padmasambhava come down that avenue and come directly into your heart. Here he will sit in your hridayam (spiritual heart). His mantra is: Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum. This means three-in-one (the unmanifest, imminent manifestation, and manifestation) lightning- bolt Guru of unbearable compassion and infinite power who resides in my heart. To say his mantra is to keep Him in your heart… until finally you and He become One.

Much Love & Many Blessings,


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