Presence Is Everything

Whatever comes to us in life, if we can be present with our self, with our triggers, our reactions, our judgments, our feelings and emotions or motions like I like to call them. If we can be present with our inner waves they move through and we don't get stuck in them. Instead we expand and allow more energy to move through our being. The more presence we can hold, the more energy we can hold inside.

It's when we resist presence by numbing ourselves out in different ways that's when we remain in a patterns of delusion or in a pattern of pain and I'm sure you know your own special ways of hiding from yourself if not presence will let you know.

As soon as we bring our presence to whatever that we experience, we bring more light and energy to ourselves and to the feeling. That means at first what we are feeling will increase, because we are starting to illuminate what we are feeling. That means that if we felt a little bit sad or a little bit pain that sadness and pain will most likely get stronger because we are bringing our full awareness and full attention to the feeling, we are not just experiencing the top of the iceberg, we start to feel the whole iceberg and all the hidden aspects of the pain that we have previously not wanted to experience or feel.

But if we can allow ourselves to stay with the feeling even if its uncomfortable and even as it gets stronger then the energy will start to shift. Your awareness and your presence does this. That the feeling gets stronger is an indication that the energy is starting to move. As you stay there within the feeling and being present