Open Your Heart

Updated: Feb 25

The path will always be about softening. Of opening up deeper and deeper.

That means that when someone is mean to us we can show compassion instead of lashing back.

We always have a choice and we can also choose fear over love. We can choose to close up and walk away because their words and their actions are hurtful to us.

Or we can see what part of us that react to their words, sit with them and then mindfully see if there is a truth in what they say that we can use for our own growth. For our own healing.

Do their words come from a place of fear and their own inner wounds spilling out on to us. Can we then choose to not accept their pain but instead choose to open our own heart and let our love pour towards them with the wish for them to heal. Even through our own pain?

Often these decisions are not easy and before we even become conscious that there even was a choice to be made we have already reacted.

So then if we reacted can we choose to forgive ourselves and can we again choose to open up our heart to forgiveness, compassion and love? For our own process, for our own woundings, for our own reactiveness.