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My QHHT Session - Merging With A Collective Consciousness

I spent 4 months up in Cusco at the beginning of the year and I met some truly amazing people there. I would highly recommend going to Cusco not just for the vibe or the possibility to hike to Machu Picchu but also because of the spiritually awake medicine people that are drawn to the Sacred Valley of Peru.

One of those people that I met was Richard Valentine that turned out to be a Hypnotherapist and a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist (QHHT) at that. For those that are not familiar with QHHT may want to check out the late Dolores Cannon that created this specific method of hypnosis. She became quite famous in the spiritual world because her hypnosis method took people not just back in this lifetime but could take people way back through different lifetimes beyond the realms of the earth. She has written many books in regards to what she found through these hypnosis sessions.

Anyway I never been hypnotised before, it was my first time ever so I didn't really know what to expect or even if I could get hypnotised at all? Some aren't able to I heard, nor did I know how it would feel like. Would I be conscious or completely gone? I had no idea.

So Richard sat down next to me as I was lying on a bed, and started talking to me, I don't remember exactly or at all what he was saying but I think he gave me some sort of relaxation exercise to go deeper within myself.

Then he asked me to imagine a cloud in the sky coming down to where I was and asked me to step up on the cloud, which I did and then he asked me to take the cloud high high up in the sky. As far as I could go and then to travel in whatever direction felt right and then he asked me to start to descend again. As I descended I wasn't in Peru anymore but in a small town in Mexico.

I was at the city town square and there was no one else there. It was completely empty but it was daytime and light outside. He asked me to look around and see if I wanted to go anywhere or see anything special there. If there was anything calling out for my attention?

I saw this big black vaulted door that caught my attention. Richard asked to go towards it and see if I could open it. I did and as I pushed it open all I could see inside was complete and utter blackness. It was like a complete black void. Richard was throughout asking me what I was seeing and what I was experiencing. So as I told him it was just complete blackness he asked if I could turn around and when I did there was nothing else there. It was if the town centre had just disappeared and I was standing in a complete void.

So then he asked me to see if I could step inside the darkness which I did and there was something underneath me that I could walk on (it felt like cobble stones or bricks). Then I looked down and I could see myself but I wasn't in human form anymore. I didn't have legs but it was as if I was this tall long tree yet I wasn't made of wood, rather as if I was some sort of sea animal. Its the best way I can describe it.

Then as I looked up I could see a bright red light in front of me and I felt curious to check it out. As I walked towards the bright red light and eventually entered the bright red light everything changed. The light was getting brighter and whiter with every step and eventually I stepped into pure light.

Now I was floating in bright white light and there were these bright blue light floating all around me in this white light. The best way I could possibly describe it was as if I entered into a nebula of light. I realised soon that all these bright blue lights around me were consciousnesses and they were all communicating with me telepathically. Telling me over and over again, you are Love, we are Love, share Love. Again and again, we are Love, you are Love, share Love.

Then I think Richard asked if I could get some more guidance or healing or anything like that or to ask why I was taken there? As I did I started to descend floating down a light deeper and deeper into this collective consciousness. Then I 'arrived' to a more open space, I was floating there and then all these very bright coloured lights gathered around me and asked if they could heal me.

As I agreed they all started to enter into me in all different ways and doing energetic healing on me. It felt amazing, as I was being recharged and boosted with pure love. It was so beautiful and extraordinary. Then after a while, I think Richard asked me what was going on, and I said they are still working on me and then after some more time they said they were done.

From there on Richard guided me back to my body and I was back again in the room where I was lying, back in my physical human body.

I was also given some specific guidances for my personal journey but I don't remember when they specifically took place, it was sometime within the light nebula but the specifics don't really matter I think.

What was the most significant for me was the comfort of being within a collective consciousness of feeling that unconditional love all around me. To feel so incredibly loved and held.

When I've gone in to the void or into the light during meditation or sometimes when I was sleeping, the fear of losing myself has always been there. Yet now I could experience the beauty of being a part of everything yet still being there. Its as the acceptance of being able to lose myself in oneness while still being an individual consciousness.

After the session this collective consciousness has been with me ever since. They come to me at times, now its been a while but I know I can always call them to me if I need guidance or healing. It might be important to add, during the session I realised that this was one of my parallel existences to this human existence. And while I'm here as Kristina in human form, I'm also there as a part of the collective consciousness of pure love. That's really beautiful to know and immensely grateful to have experienced and to truly know in my heart and soul, it has given me a feeling of never ever truly being alone. That my light tribe is right there with me, always.

If you want to work with Richard he's available in Marbella this summer and is then after living his nomadic life so best thing is to email and see whereabouts he may be. These session are done in person, while both being in the same room (unlike my sessions f.ex.).

Thank you for reading, so much Love!

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Kristina Olsson
Kristina Olsson
09 ก.ค. 2561

I tried Hypnotherapy twice...I was not hypnotized at all...One of them was from an QHHT practitioner but did not work either...

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