My QHHT Session - Merging With A Collective Consciousness

I spent 4 months up in Cusco at the beginning of the year and I met some truly amazing people there. I would highly recommend going to Cusco not just for the vibe or the possibility to hike to Machu Picchu but also because of the spiritually awake medicine people that are drawn to the Sacred Valley of Peru.

One of those people that I met was Richard Valentine that turned out to be a Hypnotherapist and a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist (QHHT) at that. For those that are not familiar with QHHT may want to check out the late Dolores Cannon that created this specific method of hypnosis. She became quite famous in the spiritual world because her hypnosis method took people not just back in this lifetime but could take people way back through different lifetimes beyond the realms of the earth. She has written many books in regards to what she found through these hypnosis sessions.

Anyway I never been hypnotised before, it was my first time ever so I didn't really know what to expect or even if I could get hypnotised at all? Some aren't able to I heard, nor did I know how it would feel like. Would I be conscious or completely gone? I had no idea.

So Richard sat down next to me as I was lying on a bed, and started talking to me, I don't remember exactly or at all what he was saying but I think he gave me some sort of relaxation exercise to go deeper within myself.

Then he asked me to imagine a cloud in the sky coming down to where I was and asked me to step up on the cloud, which I did and then he asked me to take the cloud high high up in the sky. As far as I could go and then to travel in whatever direction felt right and then he asked me to start to descend again. As I descended I wasn't in Peru anymore but in a small town in Mexico.