My Body Is Magical

One of the most exciting and cool things about last year was the speed of change that my spine has been straightening out. I should have taken photos but I didn't so you just have to believe me when I tell you.

My spine has shifted so much last year and with that immense energetic changes. I grew up with a hunch because I didn't want to be the tallest girl in class or in school and I didn't want to be seen or rather I didn't want to stick out (and I did). So I tried to make myself small and that created permanent fixtures in my spine that has been out of alignment all my life.

The energy in my body seem to have decided that it's time for me to straighten up so the energy have been pushing me to crack my back into alignment. Last year was the most intense where at the beginning of the year two of my the vertebrates in my neck stood out about 1 cm each. Today they only stand out a few millimetres.

Some of the shifts have been huge and has left me going into certain states of consciousness or felt like I had to purge because as the vertebrates connect there's an immense energy that comes with it. I guess it could be likened to as connecting power lines, when there's a gap or a disconnect between the vertebrates the energy can't move freely, it becomes restricted but then when the vertebrates connect again there's a surge of energy because the energy that was disconnected is all the suddenly reconnected.

Most of the time there are these little small shifts that doesn't seem to do much difference on the outside but they click inside my head and I can feel that something is shifting within me. I'm amazed by this process. How my body knows exactly what to shift for the next move to be able to happen. I also realised how much energetic stagnation that was behind the hunch. As I released stuck energies the spine moved and opened up - again and again.

I want