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Moment To Moment

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

The goal is not the path. The path is the goal. 

Sometimes (often) the path of the heart leads us toward a seeming goal to find that when we reach the "goal" it was never the intended goal but the path there was.

We can get inspiration and intuition/guidance that leads us towards something to find that when we reach it, it was never intended for us. But the path there was.

Thus the idea of mistakes, of taking the wrong path. Of walking the "wrong" path is never possible. Its always about the path. Its never about the goal.

So what we once thought we were working for maybe look very different once we reached a certain threshold or that we feel that we've become past a certain point. As we shift deeper into our centre of truth of grounded integrated Love. What I mean by that it not the peak, its not a high. Its a settled very peaceful place that you cannot come down from. Its just is.

That moment is all that we ever really seek. Because that's really what all Is.

And so the paths are many and all of them will lead us here. But the idea of the goal, even the idea of the doing. Was never the intention even though we were led to believe so. The intended goal is always the path. Moment to moment. The path Is.

So Much Love, ​Kristina


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