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Manifesting Your Dream Life By Letting Go

I've always been a very stubborn person, once I made up my mind about something anything its really hard for me to snap out that perspective. Especially if its something I want to do, something that I dream of experiencing. I tend to always get my way and I've started to expect that all my dreams of will come through simply because it has in the past. This helps my manifesting abilities, I know that life/universe will support me if I let it.

The hardest part for me has always been the letting go, because I'm so stubborn I'm used to holding on to my ideas no matter what other people say. If I have an idea and its something that I want to do, if everyone else will tell me I'm crazy I will simply resonate that they don't understand yet… Which has been one of my best qualities and has created a life out of the ordinary for myself. But in the last year I've had an amazing growth opportunity in letting go, that sometimes life will give you much more than you thought was possible, that its possible to experience more love, more abundance than you could ever imagine.

Simply by letting go, and allowing life to flow, allowing my dream to unfold in its own pace. So much less work involved when you allow the universe to work on your behalf instead of struggling trying to achieve everything on your own. So instead of saying I want this and that to happen there at this and that specific time and place. I'm asking the universe first, please show me the way to my highest path. 

The key is staying present in each and every moment, to become aware when guidance is being given. Often when I feel confused about what to do or where to go.. I simply ask for guidance to give me a clear signal. A clear external sign that will help me make my decision. Often when I do this, the actual choice will be taken out of my hand and someone else will make the decision for me. For example, if I inquiring about going someplace or another, the bus that I shouldn't go with will all the suddenly be cancelled or sold out or the booking system for that specific bus line will all the suddenly shut down for me. All clear guidance. 

The importance is the asking for guidance and then the willingness to let go of all need to control anything and everything, especially important of letting go of the need to know and to understand how.. Remember everything is interconnected. Nothing is ever random, trust the flow of the universe, trust that you are always supported if you allow yourself to be. <3


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