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Kundalini Awakening

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

​As the Kundalini merges in the crown with the Cosmic Divine, the Kundalini has awakened within the individual. Awakened so that the consciousness is aware of its existence. Thus we have come to see beyond the veil. Through the illusion of our own mortality. When the Kundalini awakens we come to realize our divinity, our eternal self, that we were never born, that we will never die. That there is nothing but God, that there is nothing but Love and its all encompassing. Self Realization. 

Through this realisation there’s still the attachment of the ego, the seer, being seen through the eyes of. The disillusion of the ego starts to take place, we start to shed everything that’s not true, everything that’s not of light, everything that’s not of Love. As the integration of the Divine energy integrates into the physical ‘vehicle’. The completion of the Kundalini cycle is when ‘she’ makes a loop down from the crown, down our face into the throat and finally into her resting space within the heart. Then the completion of the ascension expands through the heart until the heart has encompassed the entirety of the energy system. The ego become One, one Soul, One Heart. Pure Love. Enlightenment.

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