Join The Collective Healing Circle

Join The Collective Healing Circle

I was told by spirit to create a collective healing circle this summer and I did, I just never announced its being because I really didn't know what to do with it since I never done collective healings before.

Then I was shown what I was supposed to do, so normally I work with one person at the time. But here I was shown that I would be working on a collective light body, this light body would hold the blueprint of all the collective needs of the group. Yet it would be as if I was working on an individual light body clearing whatever comes up, opening and activating whatever I'm being guided to do.

Everyone that's a part of this healing circle is a part of this collective light body shown to me as if each of you were connected by individual light cords. The individual collective light body only shares the light, it doesn't share any of the other participants "stuff" that's of a lower denser frequency. You're individually connected to the collective light body through which your higher self shares your needs and then receives the light back. The light activates a remembrance within your being, that allows you to heal and let go of whatever you're holding within that's blocking the light from flowing through.

I've been told that this is just as me working individually with a person yet the magnitude of this way of working grows exponentially with each person joining. Meaning the more people that joins the more powerful the energy that we will collectively create.

I only work with love and with the highest Source. I don't necessarily do anything other than holding my awareness within the collective light body and following the directions to where my attention and awareness is needed. Then I mostly pray and the work is done by itself through the process of remembrance.

It's about clearing the cobwebs of limitations and fears, programmings of separation from Source, the I Am, the All. All that blocks the divine light from flowing through your being.


You may be anywhere in the world to receive it. I was told to hold the space for the circle every Sunday but the time is chosen by me out of convenience and may change in the future.

The cost to participate in this circle is US$10/monthly and this price was told to me by spirit as well.


I highly recommend that you set your own intentions for the group healing, that you connect with your higher self through your heart and ask for what you want to let go of, for what you want to heal, for what you want to be able to receive, for what you want to be able to give. Ask and it's given. Please set your intentions and take responsibility for those intentions, concentrate on them if you will or hold the space for silence and be present within yourself. Allow whatever that needs to come up to come up. Remember you need to feel it to heal it. Doesn't mean that you need to suffer, but you need to be present within the sensations of your body.

Each person will receive their own individual healing at their own time. Yet I would recommend for setting a space sometime during the Sunday or prepare yourself before Sunday with your intentions and what you want to work on.

Then let it go. Let it God.

Here's the link if you want to be a part of the Collective Healing Circle.

Much Love,


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