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Imagine Paradise?

I remember this dream I had a couple of years ago. In the dream I recognised that I was dreaming because I was on a ferry of some kind and the pictures on the wall were moving as if they were alive - true Harry Potter style. So in that moment that I realised that I was dreaming I asked to go to Paradise. I think I had decided before hand that it was something I wanted to know how it looked like.

What I experienced next after having stated this request within, I felt myself melting through the "walls" to the next world. The next world that I melted into I was levitating (floating) above the ground and so was everyone else. I remember somehow landing in a family home and as if I was a part of a family. The other people in the household didn't seem faced that I had appeared, they acknowledged me but never interacted such as speaking or anything more than side nods but it was if I was a part of the family. The men all had beards that were shaved in a very odd way where the bottom part was shaved off but only the sides cutting over the cheek was kept. The women such as myself all wore tops that were cut to expose the boobs. All of the women thus had their breasts out including myself. The doors were all round and when I decided to leave the building that was also round I floated away to a market that had giant strawberries and that was pretty much it. I've always thought about that dream since it wasn't at all what I would have imagined paradise to be and it left me feeling a little confused and bewildered since I never remembered to ask why that was paradise?

But I think the response that I got from asking to see Paradise is well what do you mean? Specify. And maybe Paradise is different for each person? How does your paradise look like? Maybe my dream was someones Paradise? Or maybe Paradise is just a name that we have given certain associations to.

I keep thinking about my ideal world, what is that? How does that world look like? How do people in an ideal world live with each other? What do we eat? How do we grow our food?

How are peoples unique skills and abilities being honoured in the society?

What ceremonies and rituals do we hold and why?

How do we live with nature and what are our beliefs about nature?

How do we live? In what kinds of houses? How do our "cities" communities look like? How big are they? How are they constructed? Can you imagine a world where complete harmony and complete peace exists between all living beings? How does such a place feel like to be in? What happens if you close your eyes and give your self some space to listen into these questions and showing you how that would look like and how that would feel like.

What comes to your inner world when you ask these questions? Take time and keep asking these questions? See what comes up, see where you see yourself in this world? What are you doing in Paradise? How do you live? What do you do? Play with it and enjoy coming into the frequency of the world that you are creating in your inner mind. See if you can open up to the idea of birthing a new world into being. ❤️

Much Love,


Picture from the Dark Crystal series.

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