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If You Want Your Process To Accelerate...

If you want your process to accelerate... You need to face your own fears and your own compromises. Sounds simple doesn't it. Yet we easily get blind by our own reality. We think that we can stay in our old job, that it doesn't make a difference, because our job doesn't "define who we are". Yet it does.

All of our actions does. Actually how we act, actually shows the universe what we believe in. You can't stay in your old job that you secretly hate with that boss that you despise and think that you are going to trick the universe that "my job doesn't define who I am".

We become who we surround us with. If you spend 40 hours a week at a desk surrounded by the same people, you are going to be mingling with their energies and you are going to merge with that collective field on a daily basis for hours. It does affect you. It does define you.

It defines the languages you use, it defines the clothes that you wear, it defines the language you use (spoken language and body language). It doesn't happen immediately but through time, we become similar to the people we surround ourselves with. It's inevitable as we are energetic beings that seeks energetic consensus around ourselves at all times. Which means that we are all the time merging, interacting our field with the people around us.

We cannot stay in the same environment if we truly want to change, especially if we are in a job that doesn't feel like our higher purpose. Look yes you can have an uninspiring job and focus on your spiritual evolution but at some point life will ask of you to shift it up and if you don't then you'll be stuck.

When we ask for growth and healing, we can expect change to happen and yet that also means that we have to be willing to change. We have to be willing to shift our position in life, in work, in everything.

If you chose through your actions to not believe that there are infinite possibilities for you out there or that you are an actual real life creator. You will just manifest the limitations and the fears that you harbour inside, you will manifest the life of limitations that you believe in.

To open up to infinite possibilities you have to take the first step in faith, you have the second step in faith in fact you have to walk in faith and the path will appear. You start, you call upon the path, you trust that it's there and you walk. Step by step and through this path of initiation you are initiated into the path of self-trust.

This is the place where you can leap mountains because you are stepping into the role of an actual awake creator. You vision, you walk and the path appears, again and again. You go within to seek guidance and from that place you envision, you feel and you embark.

The greatest trap for anyone is the trap of "safety", the trap of comfort because it challenges you to nothing. No mountains to climb, no challenges to rise through, just steady ordinary life. It's a hard place to reach any peak, inner or outer.

Believe in yourSelf and show that you do so through the actions that you take.

Much Love,


Ps. Happy eve of the full moon eclipse last night, hope you are all feeling wonderfully charged and eclipsed 😅 Ds.


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