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Iboga - My Meeting with the Master Healer

For weeks now, I've been trying to write down my experience of Iboga and I keep erasing my words and restarting again. Its so hard to put into words that which cannot truly be conveyed by words alone. But let me give it a try.

For me as a healer, my soul purpose is to bring more light into the planet. That's why I'm here, that's why I choose to incarnate into this form and into this time. To assist with the shift that we are currently experiencing. For me to grow as a healer I need to continue to learn and grow, to expand with the light, and as I have found it difficult to find a teacher in the physical realm, I've come to rely on the one within me.

I have also been guided by my higher self to find powerful allies in the Plant Spirit Medicines, which I doubt I could ever find in human form or maybe my time with such a human teacher has yet to be manifested for me. In the mean time by ingesting Iboga and other Spirit Plants, I allow the Plant Spirit to possess me for the amount of time that the plant is activated, during which a great transformation and healing takes place.

I've read quite a few accounts of other people consuming Iboga, mostly former addicts that consumed the plant so that they could overcome an addiction, a practice that is proven to be extremely effective. But I lack a testimonial from someone that is energetically and spiritually aware of what is actually happening on a physical AND energetic level. I have not found one testimonial that describes the immensely powerful energetic healing that Iboga performs, yet I'm also curious to know if because of my inclination of being a healer and also my 'openness' led me to have quite a different and seemingly more intense experience than most.

What I've read afterwards is that most people have an intense period for the first 6-8 hours where they hallucinate intensely and then the experience fades. There are supposed to be no hallucinations while the eyes are open. My experience was quite different, I did hallucinate for a full 36 hours, it didn't stop until I finally could fall asleep and when I woke up the spirit was finally gone and so were the hallucinations..

My visions were both with my eyes open and while they were closed. The hallucinations were quite different though, the ones I perceived with my eyes closed were intensely uncomfortable and made me lose track of time and space. A little bit like falling into the rabbit hole.. In the experiences I perceived while my eyes were closed I saw myself from the outside as I have never seen myself before, Iboga showed me how beautiful I was, and what a beautiful person I am. I write this with tears in my eyes because there were parts of my heart that was missing before, that I had no idea that they were missing until Iboga retrieved them for me and healed my heart. It also showed what I believe to be my past lives not just on this planet but on many different planes of existence. I saw the fields from the angelic wars, I saw floods of blood, of mutilations and gore that I wouldn't wish upon anyone to see.. Iboga teased me, seduced me, and humoured me when I said no more... Also important to mention, Iboga is definitely NOT a pleasure trip of any kind, extreme and violent nausea was experienced throughout the whole 36 hour journey, as my body seemed to try to purge the substance out of my physical self in the fastest way possible.

As a healer I went into the experience to HEAL myself, and while Iboga was working, I started working with Iboga, asking it to open and expand my energy field, asking it to work for me rather than being taken for a ride. Clearing karma from lifetimes, healing ancestral disorder and making me feel more whole than I have ever felt. This is why I believe the experience was different for me, not only is my third eye wide open already but I also have a deep knowledge and understanding of the realms outside of this world.

So with my eyes open trying to escape my inner visions for a while.. (36 hours is a looong time..) Iboga would show me video's from what I understood to be Andromeda, where I was also asked to go after this life time(??). I was shown landscapes that reminded me of the movie Avatar, with floating Islands hanging midair. I was shown dragons of all different colours and the most amazing animals, truly out of this world. Continuing to remind me of how limited this 3D existence truly is.

In the end the greatest lesson I learned was that all I EVER need to do is simply; ADD LOVE. In any instance where lack is perceived, ADD LOVE. If you feel betrayed, used, abused... any negative feeling which is in truth just an experience in LACK of LOVE. The cure is simply... ADD LOVE. Same thing with anything that you want... ADD LOVE! It works like magic, we forget that our mind is so powerful, that when we perceive ourselves of being in lack we feel that we are out of love and so our thoughts and actions reflect this belief. Thus by law of attraction we are left with less. All we need to do is add love.

You can expect me to write further on this subject as I do feel called to eventually work together with Iboga but I still have lots to learn..

So much love!!



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