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How To Release Soul Contracts

Before coming into physicality, before incarnating here on earth we create certain contracts. Certain agreements on places to visit, people to meet, certain events to take place. Of course we still have our free willow how we will react to these certain preordained events.

Often when we experience deja vu, that feeling that we've been here before is an great indication that this is something important in your life experience. That something in this experience will offer the opportunity of great growth, the possibility of great expansion.

When we come into contact with certain people where we find ourselves challenged in different ways we have the opportunity to clear those soul contracts that signed up for before coming into physicality.

Now we cannot change us meeting them or us interacting with them but we can acknowledge that there is a lesson to be learned, a growth opportunity. We can therefore with our intention release and clear any negative karma or karmic contracts between us and the other.

This may not remove the person from your life, it may but the purpose is simply to release any negative connotations and interactions with the other. 

What you do is simply setting your intention on the 'space' between you and the other, and ask all negative contracts and bonds between you and the other to be released. That whatever lesson whatever understanding or knowingness that your soul wanted to be experienced to be received without any negative connotations. 

That you can receive this lesson, this knowing with Love, and that you're open to receive in whatever form it may come. 

Then its very important for you to let go of any control of the situation. As you release these contracts you're basically giving the reins to Source and the only way to release these bonds is to truly trust Source. Let go of any and every expected or desired outcome or any need to control the desired outcome or any need to control how things fall in or out of place. 

Then be open for the miracles of life to come your way. 

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