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How To Open Up To The Flow Again

So often people contact me for help and so often my advice is as simple as this: - Open up and receive. Let down your guard, stop fighting against the feeling of discomfort and allow yourself to be swallowed whole by it. Go into it, pray and ask for the Love to fill you. The Love is always there and its always available to you. The only reason you feel a lack of love is that you somehow consciously or subconsciously shut yourself out from it.

The wholeness, the Love is already within you. Everything is. As long as we fight where we are instead of opening up to receive what Is as it is we remain "stuck". 

There are reasons why you are were you are, experiencing what you're experiencing. There are no coincidences. The key is acceptance and awareness.

But we have to slow down, we have to allow the discomfort to be. Only then when we feel into it rather than trying to push it away, then we start to open up for the energy to flow again. Through our sensing self, through our feeling self we open up to the light within ourselves. Because our sensing self is the light, we are ultimately the love that we seek.

Thus through presence and the allowance for it to be. It moves through. When we resist it, it remains. 

The paradox is that the solution lies within the resistance, the resistance for change, the resistance to be sad, the resistance to grieve, the resistance to accept what is. So when we surrender the need to change what is and instead allow what is to be.. The change will come naturally. Wanting something to be different keeps us chained. When we surrender and allow everything to be. Through that very simple act we open up for the energy to flow again. Such a paradox isn't it. 


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