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How To Move Energies?

As we are going from one intensity to another right now I thought I share my personal practices to move inner energies.

I find that different ways to approach my energy in different times helps. Sometimes I need to address something in many different ways until it fully releases from my being. I also find that when I work with myself I am much more 'blind' then when I work with others. That lack of objectivity could be a hindrance yet in the end, whatever comes up here in the now is what I work with and then I follow from there. I don't ever force what is. I move with it. It's much more effective.

It's also very important to understand that when we feel a lot of yucky energy, there's a part of us that will want to go into freeze mode. Yet what would really help is to create movement within so that the yucky can move through and out of our field. Which freeze mode blocks. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to move and activate ourselves to be able to change the moment, by creating momentum. Depression is a deep freeze mode. Getting out of a longer depression or a daily dip we have to move the energy one way or another or we will remain stuck.

So here are my tips; there's first of course just being with the energy and helping it move through my presence. Let that be the base of all my practices, because presence is everything. Tying back to what I said earlier, where we perceive the greatest sensation within, that's where we will start. So our presence will follow guidance from within through the guidance of inner sensations.

Sometime we will want to focus our energy and our attention on a specific area like the heart or the solar plexus for example or maybe an area where we experience physical pain or general stagnation. Then we need to start there yet also understand that maybe the key for release and for healing doesn't always sit in the exact area which we feel the discomfort or the pain. Nor can we hold on to the idea of that we know where we need healing.

What I've learned in my now 11 years of practice as a healer, is that the knowing how to heal comes from within. My job is to listen and to be led. I can place an intention or my client sets intentions and then I'm guided to go where I need to go. Same is when I work with myself. I can set the intention but then after I have set the intention, I need to trust that I'm being led to the right place.

When we work with energy there's always a dance there's a push and then there's surrender. There's taking action, pushing and then there's receiving, resting, waiting, being passive. A beautiful dance of the masculine and feminine. I think this is a dance of inner presence that is developed with time and lots of practice. But once you get there it's a very beautiful place to be able to flow in.

Then it's the physical aspect of moving the energy which I prefer to either exhaust the energy if I have too much, or if it feels restless or explosive. That's when cardio is excellent. Cardio makes the whole body move, we breathe with greater intensity and we move the excessive energy out of our body.

Often the energy doesn't need to be exhausted but maybe simply moved, that's when I love yoga, through yoga I find the depth of connection between my physical body and my energetic self. When we stretch our muscles we also release energies that have become stuck there. We are not inflexible, we simply hold on to a lot of things in our body that blocks our flexibility. A flexible spine is a flexible mind. Our resistance to stretching is often the resistance to allowing whatever it is that wants to come out in the open. To be felt.

Yoga is amazing for activating and healing the physical body and through that our mental and emotional bodies too. Our body is a gateway to heaven, truly.

Dancing is another one of those practices that can help you transcend consciousness. Dancing barefoot on earth is one of the most activating practices. Helps to move so much energy. We can expel things from us through dance and we can attract and bring in energies through dance. It's all through intention and then letting yourself go into the rhythms and into natural ecstasy. Dancing is as ancient as time itself.

As is singing, I love chanting and I find that I finds energetic stagnations within me that I wasn't even aware of before I started chanting or singing. You become your own instrument when you sing and you can create your own frequencies within through your voice and your breathe and certain chants and mantras are created so that you activate your light body or certain chakras. Magical yogic science.

Then there is breath work or pranayama and there's cool guided breath work practices on Youtube and other channels that you can listen to for free. Did you know that the lungs produce the most amount of DMT in the body? How we breathe is how we oxygenate our body, the more oxygenated we are the healthier we are it seems. So we can literally change our nervous system, our immune system, our digestive system and our light body through our breath. Pranayama is really super cool bad ass stuff. Doing it every day will change your life.

Last but not least, for the mind, I find that morning pages are amazing for clearing the mind. Morning pages are 3 A4 pages handwritten as soon as you wake up. It creates a bridge between your conscious self and your unconscious (dreaming) self. It helps to clear the cobwebs from your mind and to allow creativity to come through.

In the last six months or so, I've felt an increasing intensity in activating energies. Just as if the frequencies are getting higher and higher and I find that I need to spend more time to moving inner energies. There's a lot that's happening right now in our collective consciousness. So remember to move your own individual energy, it needs to be moved. Also be gentle with yourself, rest as much as you need. ❤️

Oh very last thing, sometimes I find that just lying down and being with the energy is all that I need. just creating the time and the space for the energy to do its thing. It happens when I make that space and open for the energy to align and rejuvenate/regenerate me as needed. If you know, you know.. ✨

Much Love,



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