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How To Heal Your Heart Chakra

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Many are experiencing heart break or residual imprints of heart break as your light body is awakening and you are allowing to hold more light within you. The light will continue to push for our inner expansion, for us to shine brighter, for our own ability to Love to expand and grow.

To Love doesn't just mean that we feel love towards others but also that we feel love and acceptance towards ourselves. Not just a little bit of acceptance but all of it.

The only way to heal heart ache and pain is to allow ourselves to feel it. To feel all of it. 

That means giving ourselves space to move through whatever pain that we need to move through. No matter how long that may take. Absolute surrender. This is often where the tricky part starts, its not that we cannot handle the pain. Its the mind starting to feel uncomfortable, this uncomfortability will make the mind seek a way out of the pain. 

Understanding how the mind works is essential to understanding how to "control" or rather to distract the mind to focus in a different direction. Learning how to steer it gently in the right direction when its unconsciously trying to avoid something that it labelled as "painful - don't go there".

When we can illuminate and truly see our own unconscious behaviour for what it is in simple terms - unconscious fear programming

that we carry with us subconsciously. Unconsciously manifesting our reality, so the longer we resist to feel, the longer we resist the healing to come through. And the longer we stay in the same place that we ultimately want to move pass. Such a contradiction isn't it. But in the end we cannot run from ourselves.

If we are in an addiction or in a self-destructive pattern, where we can see how every time that we start to feel uncomfortable that we also start to move away from the pain. Move to something easier. What ever that "easier" means.. 

We can find great possibility for shift and transformation if we just allow ourselves to sit through it. Feel through it.

To heal we have to feel and all resistance to feeling is a resistance to healing.

The heart also stands for courage, its the antidote of fear so as we keep facing our fears we keep expanding our heart. As we allow ourselves to become vulnerable, we expand and strengthen the heart. As we practice Bhakti - devotion, love for All That Is, love for all beings, we expand our heart.

But through all and everything we have to allow ourselves to feel. Its not a reactive feeling, its a conscious present feeling that doesn't attach to the stories of the mind but simply sits there with yourself and witness. Like the best friend that you never had. You become that person to yourself. So you sit it through. And at times you will feel that parts of you are about to break apart and that just when the heart is about to take a leap to an unknown dimensions. Shining more brightly than you have known how to. Trust, bow to your heart and let go. Infinite wisdom is within you.

Much Love, Kristina

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