How To Heal Your Heart Chakra

Updated: Feb 25

Many are experiencing heart break or residual imprints of heart break as your light body is awakening and you are allowing to hold more light within you. The light will continue to push for our inner expansion, for us to shine brighter, for our own ability to Love to expand and grow.

To Love doesn't just mean that we feel love towards others but also that we feel love and acceptance towards ourselves. Not just a little bit of acceptance but all of it.

The only way to heal heart ache and pain is to allow ourselves to feel it. To feel all of it. 

That means giving ourselves space to move through whatever pain that we need to move through. No matter how long that may take. Absolute surrender. This is often where the tricky part starts, its not that we cannot handle the pain. Its the mind starting to feel uncomfortable, this uncomfortability will make the mind seek a way out of the pain. 

Understanding how the mind works is essential to understanding how to "control" or rather to distract the mind to focus in a different direction. Learning how to steer it gently in the right direction when its unconsciously trying to avoid something that it labelled as "painful - don't go there".