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How To Heal Your Ancestral Lineage

As we come into this world we have chosen our lineage, we have chosen where to on the planet we will be born and through which ancestral lineage. We have chosen through which karmic lineage we will start to experience this world.

Each lineage comes with challenges as well as benefits. Ultimately we all come from the same family but we have as individual souls chosen to karmically bond stronger with certain individuals out of the collective consciousness.

​These choices are made from a willingness to experience certain aspects of existence. So the ancestors shares their fears and their strengths with their lineage, passing it down to their sons and daughters and them in their turn to their sons and daughters and so on. Its shared as protection, as advice but may seem hindering or blocking to your own life path and to your own growth and expansion.

There may be blockages that run deep in the lineage that blocks you from finding love, it may block you from abundance, it may block you from showing your gifts, from showing yourself as you are to the world. Fears of being seen may have been handed down, fears about how we are allowed to act in the world may be handed down. Fear and limiting beliefs of what you can and cannot do in  the world may be handed down.

All of these limiting beliefs and blockages are handed down in Love for protection but that doesn't necessarily make them good for you. They are often limited perspectives that are limiting to our own unique expression. But since we are always in charge of our own energy field we can also control what we allow in, what we allow to be passed down to us. The one thing to remember is that we always have to start with acknowledging that its there and we have to take responsibility for it being there. We cannot blame the ancestors for our limitations, that doesn't take us anywhere.

​Its also important to understand all the good things we receive from and through our ancestors they don't just pass down limiting beliefs and fears. They also pass down wisdom, courage, strength and Love. By cutting ourselves off from the ancestral lineage because we may have conflicts with either one of our parents also closes off the rest of the ancestors standing behind our parents.

We cannot block one out, we have to include them but through our inclusion we can also choose what we receive from our ancestors. We can control what we take part off from ancestral lineage through our own intention and conscious awareness. 

It is still the same as any conscious awakening, we have to make the unconscious conscious again. So we have to become aware of our own limitations and struggles in regards to our immediate family as well as the traits that we can see ourselves extending as a part of our ancestors and our own embodying of those traits. We have to become responsible. In our relationships, in our actions, in our own communication with others as well as ourselves. How we see ourselves in the world, what we feel ourselves capable of or incapable of.

Even if we are not consciously aware of having accepted this limiting belief or fears that are acting out through our subconscious we have still chosen to walk through this path with these limitations and blockages. Thus we are responsible and we can also let go of these hindrances, these limitations and fears. To be open to new patterns both for yourself and for your ancestors.

So the keys to healing your ancestral lineage is just the same as anything else you want to heal. Where you place your attention is where you shine your light. You don't have to know the origin of what you want to heal, but you need to be aware that you are somehow blocked or that theres a false limiting belief somewhere deep in your subconscious that's hindering you from standing in your greatest power and shining your brightest light.

The Steps to Healing Your Ancestral Lineage:

1. You want to become aware of the limitation or fear that you want to heal, on a simple intellectual level. So when you located this blockage on an intellectual level, you then want to search it within you, try to see where you may find it in your body, where can you feel it? How does it feel like?

You do this simply through your intention, you ask it to be brought forward. It may be a diffuse feeling that's located a little bit all over or it may be very specifically located at a specific physical point. It may be felt as an emotional pain or an "itch" or it may be physical in form. It doesn't really matter how you feel it, what's important is that you become aware of it. Its the intention, its the searching with your feelings self that's the key.

2. Then as you located it and got a 'feel' of it then I want you to start communicating with it. You want to ask it to navigate through your being from where you feel it to where it stems from. You can simply ask: Where do you come from? Just as you would trace the end of a root to where its stem is located. Now you don't need to know or see you just ask for spirit to do this for you. Your own spirit that is, your higher self, your all seeing Self. 

3. Then you ask it to locate from the originals seeds within you to this issue and everything that has grown from there throughout your being. You then ask Source, God, All That Is to clear all of this including the original seeds to light. To pure light. Then you just hold the space for this to take place, you may feel sensations of it being physically and energetically cleared from your being. or you may not, try to not expect too much but trust the power of your own intention and willingness to surrender to the greatest Love.

You want to clear yourself first before you start to address the ancestors.if you don't you may not be able to ork as efficiently as our fears and blockages tend to want to defend themselves. So unclear yourself first.

4. Then you call upon your ancestors, you can imagine them all standing behind you with your father behind you on your right and your mother standing behind you on your left. Them in their turn with their parents behind them on either right and left. And them (your grandparents) with their parents standing behind them on either right and left. And them in their turn with their parents standing behind them on either right and left. All the way back to the dawn on time. Knowing we all come from the same family.

Call upon your ancestors in Love and ask them to locate where this issue that you're working on is located throughout the ancestors. From its original seeds and everything that's grown from there throughout the ancestors and then passed down to you.

Then you do just as you did with yourself. You offer this web of entanglement including its seeds up to Source to be transmuted to Love and Light. then again you surrender to the highest Source by trusting and letting go of any expectations on how this will play out.

Its important to understand that anyone in your ancestral lineage may not be ready to let go and heal this aspect of themselves that they are carrying and that's fine. What you're doing through this healing practice is that you're untangling yourself from this (whatever it is that you're working on) and that you're offering everyone else in the ancestral lineage to do the same. Its an offering, its a request and through that request you're releasing yourself from being a part of this limitation or fear. But you cannot heal another, you never do, you can only heal yourself. But through your own healing you make way for others to do the same.

Good luck, remember that intention is everything!

So Much Love, Kristina


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