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How To Create Heaven On Earth

Do you Love Yourself?

I mean really really love yourself, just like you love the greatest love of your life if you've ever had one of those? Do you? 

Unconditionally, infinitely, eternally, madly, deeply?

Because investing the time to love yourself, really really love yourself just as you are right now, all perfect in your imperfections, will be the greatest investments that you could ever ever give yourself. Because when you start to love yourself just the way you are everything else will fall into place, in fact your whole existence will fall into place. 

When you start to love yourself and yes I mean really really love yourself, down to the itsy bitsy pieces of all that you are nothing else will matter. But the joy of being. When you start to love yourself, that's when you have created heaven on Earth. That's when you've arrived. No where else to be or go. The whole world could fall down around you and it wouldn't matter. Because you always have You and in the end that's all that you'll ever need. 



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