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How To Create A Powerful New Moon Ritual

Such a powerful time right now, 2018 has been an intense year for me personally and I think for so many others as well. So many planets in retrograde and the feeling of nothing moving forward at all. Well I think we're finally at the end of that.

Powerful New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th in the sign ruled by Pluto the planet of death and transformations. An amazing time to really Let Go of the past and everything that's been holding you back. Time to set intentions for what 'new' you want to bring into your life. As we enter in to the sun sign of Sagittarius at the end of the month I have a feeling that things will finally start to move and maybe quicker than what we can anticipate..

I want to share a little new moon ceremony that you can do on your own or with friends. The more people that come together the more powerful the combined energies become.

* Write down your intentions, what you want, it can be something specific, a thing, an experience or just a feeling, how you want to feel. Then at the peak of the dark moon which are at these times:

November 7th 2018 8:01 am PDT

November 7th 2018 4:01 pm GMT

November 8th 2018 3:01 am AEDT

* Light a candle, burn some sage, palo santo, copal or just some incense with the intention to clear any energies that would block the manifestations of your dreams. Ask for anything within you that's afraid to receive what you want to be cleared and transmuted from its roots throughout your being. For everything that's blocking you from standing in the light to be cleared.

* Ask for help from your angels and your spiritual guides to clear the path for you and to give you any energy that you need to be able to show up for yourself and to be able to live the greatest version of yourself.

* Then take the note with your intentions and put it close to your heart with both hands on top and make a prayer.

* Please God, Source, The Universal Consciousness of Love, please help me manifest these intentions into my life. I love you, thank you.

* Then you may sit and just deeply connect through your heart to God, Source, The Universe or whatever rings true to you. Sit until you feel complete.

* Imagine golden light surrounding you and connecting you deeply with the highest Source.

* Now take the note, and either burn it and bring the cold ashes outside or go outside and bury the note deep into earth. Also here make a prayer asking the Divine Earth to help you manifest these intentions into your life.

<3 <3 <3

Know that you can make any intentions. You can set the intentions and prayers for Earth and for the world and humanity to heal and find their way back to their heart. You may pray and set the intentions for others to heal.

Know that as you set the intentions you need to let go and truly trust the Divine. That what's best for all will come through, because what's best for all will always be best for you as well.

We are One. I love You.


Oh and you guys in the US, please don't forget to VOTE. <3


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