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How To Connect With Spirit

There's no difference between your physical body and the planet Earth. You receive a body when you come in to this physical existence and you will return this body when you leave.

All the knowledge, all the wisdom of how to thrive in this existence, in this realm can also be found within your physical vehicle. You retrieve this knowledge by placing your attention inwards towards your physicality, by listening to your body, by learning to feel your way through. By learning to speak the wordless language of physicality.

Most of us humans today are disconnected both to our bodies and to Earth. We ignore the ills and the pains, we prefer to stay in our heads and pop the odd pill whenever we experience pain or discomfort both emotional and physical. As such we also ignore all the communication from Earth, from Spirit trying to help us heal, trying to help us thrive.

What is your body telling you today? Are you listening?


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