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How To Connect To Spirit Through Dance

When I was three I was lucky enough for my mom to put my in my first dance class, it was a rhythmic dance class for toddlers. My dance teacher was this African guy 'Ahmadhu Jarr' that was sitting behind his conga drums in traditional clothing and just happened to be Neneh Cherry and Eagle Eye Cherry's dad. :)

The class consisted of us children dancing our hearts out in what ever form our bodies wanted to move to the beat of his drums while he was holding the space.. Since then if not before, I have always loved dancing.. It has always been the place that I go to when I need to release energy, frustration, joy and sometimes my body needs to move because it needs to move.. dance has always preceded any spiritual practice such as meditation etc. and I dance everyday no exception. Often just alone in my room when I need to or in between sessions.

When I dance I become one with all that Is, I am the music, I am the beat and the joy of being alive just exudes through me, I become the vibration of movement of flowing grace.

I learned fairly early in life that I could create a forcefield around me when I was dancing that would pull people closer, that would make me magnetic. That if I wanted to, I could fill the dance floor by just dancing and letting the music dance me.. simply closing my eyes and letting my body guide me to how I wanted to move. If I set my intention that I wanted people to come closer or a specific person for that matter, I could by the beat of my feet and the movement of my hips make it happen.

There's a great wisdom within the physical body that many people don't connect with. Most people have learned that you should follow your head and not your body. Learned that our physical urges are somehow dirty and filthy. That being in the body is somehow less than being an intellectual for example. 

Yet, spirit communicate with us through our bodies, through our feelings and the sensations and urges that comes through the physical creation that you are manifesting. Most people that are disconnected to their bodies, also hate dancing or they simply say that they don't know how.. Now, everyone can dance, but just like with everything else, you have just forgotten how.. :)

To help you remember and to help you connect with your body again, I would like you to simply learn to dance with your closed eyes, learn to feel how the vibration of the music feels in your body and letting go, letting the body show you how you want to move. So put your favourite music on and let yourself be expressed.. 

So Much Love! 


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