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How To Change Your Subconscious Beliefs

At every moment you create your own reality. You create your reality through your subconscious beliefs. Now what are subconscious beliefs? And how do you change them?

Subconscious beliefs are beliefs that lie in our subconscious mind. They are the beliefs that we have inherited through our ancestral lineage and through our karmic load that we have brought with us to this lifetime as well as everything we've added to that just through this specific lifetime.

The moment that we are born into this life as babies we act as sponges absorbing everything that we can about this new environment that we have come into. Thus not only do we absorb everything that we hear, see and experience. We also absorb everything that we can energetically from our immediate environment, that means that we also absorb parts of our parents subconscious beliefs. Or anyone else that we share our environment with.

That means that we may adopt fears and limiting beliefs that rationally makes no sense at all. Yet we still have them and we still attract and manifest our own reality based on these beliefs.

So how can we then change these subconscious hidden beliefs?

The first step that we have to take is to become acutely aware of our own inner landscape. We have to become aware of how we react to everything.

We especially want to become aware of any strong emotions or fixed thoughts. By fixed thoughts I mean thoughts where we feel this shouldn't be like this or it should be like that.

Aversions and expectations.

We don't want to judge these, we just want to observe them. If we start to fight them then we start creating even more aversion within ourselves. The trick, the magical trick I should say is to become aware and simple be there with yourself.

What happens is that our awareness transform everything that is not of light simply through its being. Everything that you place your attention on, you place your light. Because what you are is eternal light. You, your eternal Self is your awareness.

So by placing your awareness within, you bring light into your being.

Sounds so simple doesn't it. And it is.

The only challenge is your own mind. The monkey mind, that likes to create obstacles and dramas and loves to fixate itself upon one thing or another. Or to jump around from one thing to another so that the true awareness within you never gets the chance to just Be.

Because its just through that Beingness that magic happens. Its only through our awareness that we can reach the void where all of creation stem from.​

When you place your attention within on a feeling or a thought form that doesn't feel good. Meaning a feeling or a thought that is not aligned with Love, Abundance, Acceptance or Joy which is our true essential nature. Our awareness will simply transform these thoughts and feelings to a higher state, to light. Because that's what happens when you place your awareness on anything that's not pure. It transforms it.

First it may seem as it gets worse, the feeling or the thought form may feel like its increasing in strength. So let it. What you're doing is illuminating it. Through the illumination of your consciousness you will transmute it.

Understand that if you've spent most of your life avoiding to feel or avoiding to be present within yourself. You may find yourself overwhelmed with your own state of being.

Be extra aware of any feeling of wanting to run away from yourself, that's normally when you're starting to get close to the core of the matter. That's when you may feel an immediate urge to grab your phone, to turn on the tv or anything else that may distract you from your inner state of being.

Now you may want to play this game of wanting to run and hide and that's fine but know that you're just pushing the work ahead of you.

To heal anything you need to FEEL IT. Awareness is key.

Much Love,


Ps. I also highly recommend reading my How To Let Go blog post. Ds.

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Sonya Solomonovich
Sonya Solomonovich
Jun 13, 2019

This has been a very helpful blog post for me! I wanted to learn more about releasing negative beliefs because sometimes the actual process can be a little confusing, but I guess there's not a straightforward or logical way to do it. It really helps to know that consciousness and awareness are key to transforming these thoughts. Thank you, Kristina.

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