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How To Awaken The God Within

You have to be able to experience the greatest pain to be able to experience the greatest pleasure. Your ability to feel goes in both directions with equal measure. That means that your ability to experience deep pain also becomes your ability to experience the purest joy and bliss.

Thus we aim train our mind to become still so that we can sit through any discomfort. To be able to sit through, to be able to transcend our own inner hell in whatever range that might express itself. 

We have to understand that we are much more than these bodies yet everything that we seek is also within this flesh. Everything that we seek from the outside is already within us. We are pure consciousness manifested into form. We are experiencing ourselves as separate entities as these unique personas. 

​So a spiritual awakening in any form is the the literal deconstruction of the ego in one way or another, its the uncovering of the truth, of what you are, of who you are. Many call it the death of the ego but I wouldn't want to call it a death since the ego always resurrects as the perfect phoenix that it is.

Through each layer that the ego sheds it also resurrects as something new as a refined version of the old ego. See we come here as completely unique beings, as unique lights, unique frequencies, unique vibrations. Through the healing process we are refining our true frequency, purifying it.

As if you were a song, a melody that you keep refining through the instrument which is You, so that you'll be able to express a more and more beautiful song. The process in itself is infinite, we tend to seek an end, a completion. But even once you reached a certain stage of completion a new cycle begins. Its endless.

Not to say that it doesn't get easier cause it does. As you deconstruct your ego, you let go of most of the identifying aspects of what you've known yourself to be. You let go of the idea of who you identify yourself to be. To become who you truly are. Not an idea, but an continuous expression, a beingness.

Its releasing the attachment to the idea of who you are, its all about losing oneself. You have to be undone to be recreated anew. So the spiritual path is the undoing of the Self as we know it and this happens in cycles. Expansion and contraction, from the highest to the lowest.

As you open up to more light, you also open up to feel more, to experience more. That means that you will be able to experience more higher vibrational energies as well as denser more lower vibes as well. You cannot have one without the other.

But the harmony is found in the complete surrender to the pain, the complete surrender to God. Understanding and knowing that when we face our inner shadow we are also turning to face the God within us. Because as we acknowledge that we are light, that we are divine consciousness, that all shadows within are only illusions thats when we start to transcend them. Its only through active conviction that we work in the true faith of God. Thus when we are willing to go within to face our shadows we also awaken the God within. 

Much Love, ​Kristina


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