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How To Activate Your Chakras

The chakras are energetic vortexes within our physical/energetic self. They are activated to a greater or lesser degree in everyone since the life force energy that flows through the chakras are what essentially keeps each one of us alive. 

Some have only a trickle of a light flowing through them and others have their centres fully activated, fully open allowing them to shine from inside out. We can also have some centres, some chakras more activated than the others so there is often an imbalance in between the centres. We always want to create synergy and harmony within ourselves, since that is what creates wholeness and allows us to not only radiate more light but also to be happier and more fulfilled in our lives and in our own being.

So focusing on only activating one chakra over the others is not recommended. I'm saying this especially in regard to those that wants to open their third eye. Having the lower physical chakras activated with the higher etheric chakras is essential to create a harmonious and pleasant light body activation and awakening.

Each energetic centre contain all that we are and could be, each different chakra represents different aspects of our being, with all of our divine potential. Within us is all that we will ever need, within us resides the entire universe and each chakra is a gateway further deeper within ourselves, within the universe. I'm not planning to go deeper within each chakra in this post but I wanted to highlight instead how to activate each chakra because the method is similar for each one of the chakras.

Its actually pretty easy, it doesn't require anything out of the ordinary in fact all it requires is focus and dedication and to let go of any expectations of how or what you're about to experience or receive. That's probably the trickiest part.

1. What you need to do is to go to the centre of each chakra, each chakra has a different activation point normally in one of the major glands or organs of the physical body. But you don't need to know the specific activation point for each chakra all you need to do is go to the centre of each chakra. Let your body, your inner guidance show you were the spot is, here you really need to trust yourself and your inner guidance. I will go deeper into each individual energetic centre/chakra in the blog posts to come.

2. Then all you need to do is to keep your attention and focus there. That's it. There's no need for any magical mantra or spell. All you need is your focus. The hardest part might be to keep that focus on the same spot and not let your mind wander. This is where meditation in all its forms are a great tool as it helps you to train your mind to stay focused. The more you focus your attention on one spot the more light you create at that one spot, eventually you will have created your own little vortex with its own innate consciousness.  This vortex, this light which is the same light which we all stem from, will continue expand, will continue to grow brighter the more we focus our attention on it. As it starts to brighten as it starts to come more and more alive it will start to clear, to release all blockages, all "shadows", all that doesn't serve you, all that's dimming your light, all that's dimming the light of your chakras. 

3. This is how you create magic, this is how you activate your chakras, this is how you create your reality. The focus. Sounds so easy doesn't it? The other thing that you need to add to this practice, is the utter and complete surrender to All that Is, the complete letting go, the complete trust in Source, in the Universe. As the light starts to grow brighter, as the light starts to grow stronger it will start to move, it will start to move through your being as we are interconnected, multidimensional beings. This light ultimately, Source, your Higher Self knows what it needs to do to open your chakra, it knows what it needs to do to create more space within you. The blockages that needs to be cleared for each individual chakra may not necessarily reside within that chakra, it may have to be cleared somewhere else in your physical being as well as in all your etheric energy bodies. So surrender. If you feel that your attention, your focus is being called elsewhere gently keep pulling your attention back to that one spot and just rest there.

4. As you start releasing blockages, as you start creating light within you, you may experience all kinds of sensations within you. This is normal and is expected, you may feel everything from bliss, to joy, to the most dense and negative energies and feelings. Whatever you're feeling is perfect for you and perfect for that time. Don't compare yourself to others, don't compare yourself to anything not even yourself. Allow whatever that comes up to come up, don't push away feelings, don't resist the urge to cry or whatever you may need to do. As you resist or hold back to feeling anything, you're holding on to that feeling, you're keeping it within you. You have to feel it to heal it. Resist any urges to do anything, if anger comes up and a memory of how someone did you wrong, resist the urge to react to this memory. Observe how it feels and go back to your attention at that one spot. Trust that you are taken care of, trust that a Source knows exactly what you need to experience and what you need to release to be able to hold more light. To be able to shine brighter. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, if anything is unclear, as I would be happy to answer your questions.

So Much Love. Kristina

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