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How To Activate The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is the gateway from the physical realm to the higher dimensional realities. Its the way our soul enters and leaves the body at birth and death. How open our crown is, depends to a great degree on how much we trust the divine. How much we allow the Divine Grace in.

Because often this is one of the greatest misconceptions, that somehow we have to reach up and out to the Divine. When the Divine energy, the Divine Grace is always available to us. Its always there. We just have to allow it in.

Even though sometimes we are consciously aware of this, that we are worthy, that we are lovable and that we deserve Divine Love. We may still have programmings and encodings in our crown that blocks the Divine Grace to flow through us. 

In our Crown we store all vows, contracts and agreements that we've ever given throughout all of our existences. These vows, contracts and agreements may have been given in different spiritual/religious contexts that are still in our current incarnation affecting our ability to connect with the divine. 

There may have been fearful beliefs about our worthiness towards God, there may be beliefs or agreements that allows others to use our spiritual energy.

Our current society has completely forgot the power of spiritual energetic contractual agreements. To a certain degree we have also chosen certain life paths that support our choice of experiences that we selected before coming into form. Thus nothing is ever out of order.

Everything that you're experiencing today and every moment there after is perfect and selected just for your specific life experience. 

When we realize the power that we hold within, everything shifts. Even just holding the intention of wanting to know the Divine is more powerful than any other prayer. 

To wanting to know the Divine, while at the same time giving the allowance to let the Divine In.. Here's where most crumble and fall, most of us have been through eons of Earthly life times that has subjected us to believing that we are only this mortal human form. This disconnection to our inner power, to our inner gateways. 

We have through vows and agreements often given away our connection to the Divine, our own connection to our inner power. We have also through that given away our inner knowing that we are in fact Divine.

The only thing you need to do to allow the Divine in again is open up to the purest light, to the purest Love and let it flow throughout your entire beingness. Its the intention of wanting to merge with the Divine that matters. Its the intention to wanting to know God.

So to activate the crown chakra we simply want to place our attention on the crown. Remember where we place our attention is where we shine our light. We are pure consciousness, pure light so where we place our attention is where we start to accumulate our own energy. We don't have to 'do' anything else than just 'be' there. Yet our intention should be to let go of everything that is blocking the flow of Divine Love to enter in through our crown. Surrendering to what may come. 

You may start to feel tingling sensations, warmth, energy buzzing or simply nothing. Either way as long as you stay with your attention at your crown, at the top of your head as if you had an orange halfway in side your head and halfway outside your head, you will start to activate the crown simply through your own awareness. Simply through your own presence.

As always please balance yourself as you're activating your crown with many grounding exercises. Spend lots of time in nature, walking barefoot, leaning up against trees and connecting to earth. As above, as below.

Much Love, Kristina

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