How I Started To Work With Ayahuasca (part 1)

Updated: Feb 25

It was about a year after my awakening in 2012 that I first started to consciously work with Plant Medicines. I had only taken magic mushrooms at parties before that and casually smoked marijuana. But I had never seen these plants as something that I could consciously work with to heal and expand my consciousness. My experience with Peyote out in the desert of Wirikuta opened up to my connection with the plants as possible teachers and spiritual guides.

The experience with Peyote not only healed me in ways that I still don't know how to put into words but it left me with a feeling of having found friends among the elemental kingdom.

I had after my awakening searched for teachers far and wide, I found a few and I learned a lot from them yet I never felt that this is the one. That this is the teacher I am meant to follow. Until that day with Peyote.