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How Cleaning My Gut Turned My Intuition Back Online

A dear friend recently reminded me that the yogis always cleansed their body first before starting pranayama and asanas. That the cleanliness of the body is very important before one starts a greater awakening process.

Because the body needs to be clean for the ascension of the flesh, which means that the physical body needs to be clean enough to be able to hold higher levels of energy. Higher vibrationally levels of energy that means that the entire body needs to upgrade including every part of your physical self.

I recently did an Ayahuasca ceremony and Ayahuasca told me that I had parasites and should do a cleanse. I've had a feeling that I had something was off as I would sometimes feel nauseous at the oddest times and I've been incredibly tired and also not been able to sleep well.

Ayahuasca told me that all those symptoms were from parasites and that I would be able to sleep again if I cleared them from my system.

So I started a mms protocol (you can read more about it here) and I didn't feel very good the first couple of days but even on the first day I slept again, deeply, I hadn't for quite some time. Another thing was that even though physically the cleanse didn't feel good, I felt like my intuition was back online. Like incredible shift from one day to another and no it wasn't Ayahuasca it was that mms killed something in my gut that made me come back online again. That's basically how it felt like. Like the curtains lifted. Amazing.

I'm also reminded about how amazing mms is, I wish everyone would know about this incredible medicine. So please click on the link above and learn some more, it's a great article.

It's also amazing how the connection between our body, mind and spirit is so strong and is so affecting us in all ways. A toxic sluggish body makes a toxic sluggish mind. Truly.

Most tribes in the jungle are doing continuous cleanses and purges to stay healthy and awake in their mind/spirit. In the beginning of my awakening I was obsessed with cleansing and detoxing and then when I started to work with Ayahuasca I really stopped obsessing about food. Which I think was a really healthy shift and created a more balanced way of living for me. Yet this last couple of weeks of cleansing has really shown me how important a yearly or bi-yearly proper cleanse can be to my wellbeing and my connectedness to everything.

I mean I know we have our second brain in our stomach yet to see and feel the effect of how a clean gut effects your wellbeing and your connection to spirit. Such a beautiful reminder.

Thank you for reading! 🐝

Much Love, Kristina

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