Hi there!

Hi there my name is Kristina, I created this blog since I feel the need to introduce myself in a eloquent manner for new clients. This also gives me a platform where I can tell my story, and share some of the lessons and knowledge I have come across in life and through my awakening.

First comes first, in the beginning of January 2011 I opened my third eye, and this is the story of my Kundalini awakening:

I was meditating while watching this youtube video, which I had done a billion times before. So anyway, while I was meditating the third eye pulled my eyes towards it which was a completely new phenomena for me, and I actually stopped meditating to google ‘third eye meditation’ because I got curious to know what was happening to me. Then I learned a little about third eye meditations and continued meditating now my eyes towards the third eye and it was very easy to quiet my mind (this was unusual) and it was as if someone was controlling my breathing, first really really fast like fire breathing and then very very slow, almost no breath at all. Suddenly I had the sensation as if a very BIG eye lid opened in my forehead, white light started trickling in from the third eye and I had a blink of a seconds decision to whether or not I wanted this, at the time I remember being very curious so I just let go and allowed it to happen. White light poured in through my third eye, like if it took me over. It was beautiful and then I felt this waterfall of bliss, extreme profound love and intense pleasure pouring over my body and skull. I have never experienced anything as pleasurable in my life, there are no words that come close to describing it. *  *  *  *  *  * My body felt like an energy being, just SO perfect and SO alive. I am so sorry but none of my words make my experience justice. It was the most beautiful experience of my life and I felt God as a part of myself or maybe I should say I felt myself as a part of God and everything. I felt ONE. But this is a big BUT, I still felt my body, my body didn’t go into everything. I felt my energy body, like the perfect u