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Healing The Throat Chakra Allows Us To Become Free

The throat chakra and the feet/legs tend to be the most blocked in everyone I work with. The throat chakra is one of the most fascinating chakras as it's not just related to our voice but it's really related to our truth and who we are in the world. Or rather the face(s) that we show up with in the world.

When we open our throat chakra we let go of the masks that we have held over our face, the ideas of who we should be and we become the unique essence that we are underneath it all.

When we open our throat chakra our voice becomes more clear and much much deeper. If you always thought you couldn't sing, then you just need to work on opening your throat because we can all sing. It's just the things that lie on top of our voice that makes our voice "unpretty" or unable to hold a clear tune. That's why chanting and singing mantras can be such a powerful practice to open our voice and to release the blockages to be heard and to be seen. Or simply to start telling your truth and to never lie, to yourself or others.

Starting to chant or to sing higher vibrational sounds like mantras are also a very powerful energetic practice which allows us to become our own tuning fork. Our own signing bowl. I personally found that I can find things in my field that I hadn't even noticed before I started my chanting on that specific day. Through my voice it's like I activate a higher part of myself that I can't access unless I use my voice, or rather unless I use my voice to sing mantras especially. I can see where there are blockages in my voice and through the blockages in my voice I can see where I might hold on to emotions or things that are blocking the energy from moving through freely.

The voice is an immensely powerful tool for healing. Through our voice we become pure vibration and we send that vibration through our entire physical form. We naturally bridge the space between physical form and energy because sound is pure energy - pure vibration.

If the front of our throat is who we are in the world, our face forward then the back of our throat is our connection to our guides and our higher self. The back of our throat, our neck is through where we communicate with the spirit world. It's deeply connected to our ears and our pharynx. How much can we hear without our mind interfering? How much truth can we hear? How much can we trust our own inner guidance?

If we feel that we have to hold back of who we are, can we say that we feel safe in the world? If we feel that we have to hide behind masks, how safe do we feel in ourselves? To be who we truly are?

Each on of us comes with unique gifts and talents that are complementary to others gifts and talents. This idea that capitalism and limitations has given us is that we have to compete for resources and for survival. Whereas in reality, yes there are finite resources on this planet but if we share and manage together as one, where each one of us complements the whole then we will always have enough. Then each one of us are valuable to the whole.

One of the fascinating things about becoming our true self and starting to express our truth is that it's not always pleasing to others. This doesn't mean that we are mean or at odds with others rather we may not be able to be what others want or expect us to be. Instead we start to care for our own needs and maybe speak our truth with less charge to it. Because what's the need to argue and fight when we know that our truth is truth, there's no need to convince anyone else. When I hear me, I have much less need for you to hear me, or to understand me. Rather I can accept that there are parts of me that you will never understand because in the end we are reflections of each other more than anything else. What I see in you is a reflection of me and what you see in me is a reflection of you.

When I hear and understand me, I have less need for anyone to hear or understand me. I don't need the external validation or acceptance anymore. Because I have already given myself that acceptance and validation from myself. I have in many ways become free to be me.

I truly believe that the throat chakra is our gateway to freedom. To be our unique self - just as we were born, without masks or pretences. Free to be as we are.

Thank you for reading.

Much Love,


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May 30, 2022

Thank you. I also believe this is why many people, myself included, start speaking ‘light language’ during our healing journey. Sometimes the frequencies feel channeled, but mostly I experience it like I am communicating my truth through sounds and vibrations. And since the ego can’t understand the meaning of the message, I can let it through without censuring myself in any way.

Kristina Olsson
Kristina Olsson
May 31, 2022
Replying to

Yes I feel the same way when I start speaking light language, that I'm speaking it to myself to activate some dormant part of myself. Truth beyond the mind. ❤️😊


Thank You Kristina! I know that I need to spend more time being aware of the subtleties within this physical form that I called me…

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