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Healing Depression

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

How often do you take the time to just observe nature?

When I was depressed before my awakening, when I was going through my dark night of the soul. One of the defining moments looking back was when I read Eckhart Tolles book The Power Of Now.

It changed me profoundly because it helped me to change my mind.

After I read it, I put up post-it notes everywhere with the sentence: There is only Now.

I had up till that moment mostly lived in the past or the future. It was making me miserable and made me unable to make any changes. Because you can't create change if you're not HERE. And to be here you have to be in the now.

It doesn't matter what you do in life if you're not present. I feel that reading that book was one of the greatest gifts of this lifetime. That allowed me to fully immerse myself again and again in the moment of Now and Now and Now again. It made my life richer, not in money maybe but in presence. In the abundance of each and every moment.

I think living as I do now, without internet except the couple of times a month where I come into the city to connect with you all. I'm totally free to be completely immersed in the moment. It helps too, to live in nature and that being the Amazon jungle. :) There's always something to watch, a bug a weird flower that you couldn't imagine even existed..

It sounds so simple, yet it is so powerful.

But it can take time and work to be able to change your mind. It's intricate work. After all we are releasing thousands of lifetimes of conditioning from our mind. It requires a certain amount of dedication to your own healing and it definitely requires responsibility for your own mind and the healing of your mind and everything that follows with that.

Depression doesn't only have one solution, I think there are many angles that need to be addressed. Diet is one key stone. Happy food, makes happy people.

But the mind creates everything in this reality. It's the CEO of your created world. It is through the mind that you create your reality. It's powerful.

If you're not even aware of what you're thinking, or what you've been thinking about for the last hour or two. Or rather what you've been given your attention, your energy to, then you don't know what you are creating.

What are for you the biggest challenges in changing your mind? Your thoughts. Have you tried before and failed or maybe you just don't even know where to start? Please let me know. :)

I love you.



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