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Grounded Magic

I recently posted on my personal Facebook page that I realized that I will never wear high heels again and the reason that I won't wear high heels anymore isn't so much about fashion as its about wanting to have both my feet on the ground. Since I moved out here in the woods I noticed a huge difference of the energy surrounding me when I'm in nature versus going into town. Even just walking on concrete I notice a huge difference in the energy I receive. The prana available is noticeably different and less available in the city mostly because the ground is covered and the energy from Earth is blocked from flowing freely.

My feet has become so open that its literally pleasurable to walk with my feet on the ground. I can feel the nurturing energy of Gaia streaming up my feet and up my legs making me feel absolutely wonderful. Its such a different energy compared to receiving cosmic energy through my crown even though essentially its all the same energy.

I've read so much spiritual literature and yet the aspects that's always missing is the Earth energy. The only ones that seem to be talking about Earth energy is the natives. I don't believe that the natives are suppressed so much for them not being christian or anything else. But I think its because the absolute knowledge they hold about nature. Their spiritual understanding of the power of nature.

So many of my clients wants their third eye *blown* open and get a little bit disappointed when the session leads to bringing their light deeper into the physical vessel instead. But its hard to open your third eye without being grounded. Many people living on the streets, homeless people that can't handle life are there because they blew their third eye open through drugs or other intense events and then has had no one to guide them further. No one to ground them back to Earth so instead they live in between worlds, never really becoming grounded in any reality at all. People we classify as "mentally ill/disabled".

We have a lot to learn from the natives. The White Buffalo woman came from the stars and gave wisdom to the four races of Earth. The only once that kept this knowledge was the native Lakotas.  As I've understood the Lakotas are different to many other tribes and their difference makes them more powerful as well. When in ceremony they don't try to leave their body to communicate with spirit instead they remain in their body and invite spirit into the physical realm. Bringing the light into the physical realm. Strengthening their Earth vessel and their own capacity to hold light. Thus empowering their capacity as powerful Earth spirits.

We have much to learn from Earth itself, just spending more time in nature will bring you both peace and strength, you will heal simply by being in nature.

Much Love, Kristina

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