Finding The Space Within - New Healing Method

I have always strived to become the best healer that I could ever become. That path has never been a straight path to me, but an exciting path of exploration and learning.

I started reading the book Awakening The Luminous Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Some of you may remember that I have in the past recommended his fantastic book The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream and Sleep.

This book is simple yet profound. In a way I already knew, yet I haven’t truly been practicing it or to see it as clearly as Tezin explains in his book.

Healing is really remembrance. We are the light, we are the love that we seek. It’s all underneath the fear and the anxiety or anger or sadness or whatever it is that makes us feel less than happy. All that stuff lies on top of the light that you are.

As you heal, you open to the true light within. You let go of the fears and the limitations that blocks your light from within.