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Earth Magic

Nothing can be as healing as connecting to Earth, as we connect to earth we reconnect to our own blueprint, our optimal self. Nature is spirit in its purest form, when we connect with nature we also connect with the purity within us.

Just by setting your intention to heal and connecting to nature and allowing her to guide you on your journey. For example I often advice my clients to go and lean up against a tree to ground themselves. You just need to ask and the tree will simply ground you.

Most of us living on the planet today is not just disconnected to our planet, but also disconnected to our bodies and our feeling self. The three are intricately connected, when you connect with nature you connect with the infinite light within you and as so you will also expand your ability to feel.

Your body is your physical manifestation of Earth. It is your very own spacesuit, that you yourself designed upon coming to earth. Your body is of earth and will return to earth when you leave this realm. By connecting to your body and earth you're also connecting to the knowledge and wisdom of Gaia.

As we as spirit has lived many lifetimes in the ether and higher vibratory environments, life on earth can sometimes seem dense. By ignoring our bodies while living disconnected to earth that disconnection and discomfort will grow even stronger.

By connecting to earth we will not only become softer as human beings but we will also learn how to manifest in the physical realm. Often people that are spiritual are also very disconnected to earth, they have lots of energy flowing through their crown but not as much running down through their legs and lower chakras and even less divine earthly energies running up through their legs.

Somehow among the spiritual community its become a greater feat to have opened your third eye than to have an open root, or activated feet chakras. If you only knew the pleasure that you can retrieve from connecting to earth and the earthly abundance that you can manifest through your connection with earth. Least not to forget as above as below..

You are a part of earth as every living creature, there is nothing separate between you and earth and every living being. The more you connect to the realm which interlinks us all (earth) the more connected will you not just be with yourself but this entire universe.

Love Yourself, Love Earth!


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