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Destruction At Its Finest

~Yesterday Morning, February 9th, 2015~ Waking up at 4:35am, don't feel like I should, my heart is widening, expanding, expanding into a never ending implosion.

Realize as I lie there, that there is no way I'm going to get up right now. The energy keeps surging through my heart, I keep growing bigger and bigger, I cannot feel where I begin and where I end anymore.

There's a storm inside my chest, I'm just allowing it to be, not that I have any other choice, the energy is in control of me now. I'm just observing, feeling, allowing it to happen as its happening, letting it work through me. Purging out eons of whatever it may be, expanding becoming bigger than this Earth, expanding growing, never ending Me, splitting into two, to three, I'm loosing count..

Waking up hours later, don't remember falling asleep, still tired, cannot move my body. Scan my body, opening up, letting the energy flow, soon I fall back to sleep again.

Wake up around 1pm, my body feels back to normal. I can get up, pee, make some food. My head feels clear again, this cloud I've been feeling under for the last couple of weeks have finally lifted.

There's a time for everything, this time was now. Ligthness of being, a sense of ease finally. Spent the rest of the day eating, reading inspirational texts, walking on the beach grounding myself.

Much Love, Kristina

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