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Creator I Am

I had a psychic reading the other day, a lady was telling me my 'future' and ever since I haven't felt so happy to be honest. Its as if I've been carrying a burden but not knowing what I've been carrying.. Today I made the decision that I'm not going to let someone else dictate my reality going back to what I've learned, to what I believe to be true. 

That there is no future and that everything is possible, I am sure that she tapped into one possible time line of mine. Absolutely, but I am also certain that there are many other timelines.

Now nothing of what she said was negative, in fact I am sure most people would be thrilled to have such a future predicted for them. But the truth is I don't really want to know what I'm going to do in ten years from now, nor do I want to know how old I'm going to get. Or everything in between..

I enjoy living my days as if they are and would be the last day. I enjoy not knowing, I enjoy being the continuous creator of my existence. I feel that when I know, life loses its magic.

Before the reading I had heard the same thing from spirit (that I create my own reality) but I still felt that I should connect with her and I'm glad that I did even though I've now made the decision not to take it as serious. I know through my own personal healing I'm continuously changing and moving through timelines. 

The good thing with the reading is that I have since been really listening and asking Source, God for guidance more than ever before... even down to the smallest decisions. Wanting to be autonomous, knowing that just as I can ask another, all the answers is and will always be within me.

Much Love, Kristina


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