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Cleansing Code To Release Negative Karmic Programming & Negative Influences Through The Ancestral

As we get triggered through our life experience we can use these triggers to heal ourselves.

​So for example when we feel hurt or feel that we receive negative experiences through life or maybe we feel that we are the receiver of negative energies from others and we don't know why or how we can prevent this from taking place. Really anything that we experience as negative we can use as a doorway to our own healing. 

Through our relationships especially we can find our trigger points and through them find where we need healing. Where we store negative programming that we need to resolve and clear so that we can move forward in life, lighter and more filled with Love. As everything that is not Love can be healed and cleansed from our being. We just need to learn how to do this and its actually not that hard.

As we are always in charge of our own energy field and our own journey even though a times we may feel that we are not, we are always our own creator of our own reality.

We have chosen certain lessons and life experiences as we step into this embodiment and this life experience. We choose the ancestral lineage through which we are born, in correlation with the karmic lessons that we want to work through in this lifetime. We also choose our ancestral lineage through what they can give us..

The ancestral lives through us in many ways and I'm not speaking of just our parents and grandparents but also the lineage that goes way beyond our immediate family.

If you can imagine that you have your father behind you on your right side and your mother behind you on your left side and them with their parents behind them on either right and left side and them with their parents behind them on either right and left side and them with their parents behind them on either right and left side. Soon you have an enormous amounts of soul beings behind you and then imagine that your lineage stems all the way back to the dawn of time. Understanding that we all ultimately come from the same family.

So the interrelationship with our ancestors is deep, long and very powerful. Very much and closely interrelated to our own Karmic load, what we come here to clear, what we have come here to learn through our life experience. Four our own continuous expansion.

​But through the interconnection with our ancestors we can also clear both our ancestral though its important to remember our ancestors still have the choice to hold on to things but we can chose to not take part of those limitations anymore. But most likely the ancestral linage is very happy to let go of these burdens they may have been carrying for many many generations and we can help them heal through our free will and our own conscious awareness. 

"How To Step By Step"

​So the way we go about this is that we notice when we get triggered and this can be any experience that we feel is somehow negative to us.

We feel this negative feeling, meaning that we go into it with our feeling Self. Then we ask for the Original Seeds throughout our being to be found, we just need to ask, our higher self to locate them, then we ask our Higher Self to find these Original Seeds throughout our ancestral lineage. Again our Higher Self already knows. 

Then we ask that everything that has grown from these original seeds throughout our being, throughout our ancestral lineage to be transmuted to light again, including all the original seeds. Then we ask if they can be cleared Now.  All of it.

What's really important is that we Ask, we cannot order our Higher Self or our Subconscious to do anything. To order implies resistance and fear. Its the opposite of the complete surrender and letting go that is needed for us to heal. 

So we have to Ask and then we need to wait for an answer. Here comes the very important part of Faith and Trust. 

If you hear a No, then you need to Relax and soften even more. Rushing this process and feeling defeated won't help.

In the beginning you might have so much resistance and fear feeling that you are doomed with this pattern forever. So soften and realise that you are dealing with a part of yourself that doesn't believe that this can be done. That believes that this cannot be completely cleared.

So instead soften and ask if you can release 10% of these original seeds throughout your being, as well as 10% of these original seeds throughout our ancestral lineage, and everything that's grown from there throughout. 

This includes all lifetimes, all existences, all timelines.

Its important to know that most often you will receive a Yes. So this is just in case there's resistance. So if you do receive a No, the resistant part of ourselves just need to realise that if it can release parts of it, then it can also release it all eventually. We just need to be very gentle with the resistant part of ourselves. So that's why we then start with 10% or 25% or whatever feels right for you.

As we start to release whether its 100% or a smaller part we may start to feel uncomfortable And this is a very important part of the healing process. 

We have to FEEL to HEAL. So any resistance to feeling the discomfort that might come up will also block the healing. 

As we resist to feel, we hold on to the wounding, we hold on to this negative programming/imprint. 

So as we ask to transmute all the original seeds and everything that's grown throughout from there to light.Then we just need to step back and let it all take place.

No need to do anything other than surrendering to everything as it Is. TRUST this process, its very powerful and yes it really works. 

FEEL and observe. BE. Then stay in a meditative space until you feel complete.

So Much Love, ​Kristina

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