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Chlorophyll is one of the easiest super foods for the body to absorb since its molecule is so similar to haemoglobin, the chlorophyll molecule can simply be absorbed through the cell walls without having to go through the digestive system, saving the body both time and energy. Chlorophyll is what gives the green colour to all plants and can be found in all green leafy vegetables.

Just remember that the plant cell walls have to be broken down for the chlorophyll to be able to be released and absorbed. So throw some leafy greens in your next smoothie or just chew your greens really well. :)

You may also consume chlorophyll as a supplement in powdered form. It will give you energy like nothing else while at the same time both calm and relax you as it contains great quantities of the mineral magnesium. You will also find the quality and appearance of both your skin and hair to improve since it will bring more oxygen to all of your cells.

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